Transform your backyard into a second living space

Instead of just owning a backyard that looks luxurious, focus on a design that is also functional. Using that extra space to blend interior and exterior spaces is a great way to expand your home’s living space. 

JPL Earthworks in Edmonton is a professional landscaping company that builds and renovates dream landscapes. They share how you can transform your yard into a new living space:

Don’t be shy about textiles and furniture

Think about how you use your backyard and what goals you have for the space. If you prefer a low-maintenance, high-use space, consider a complete overhaul. First, remove the grass and lay down some hardscaping like colourful tiles, concrete sections or wood decks. Once you have that setting, don’t forget to set up furniture with cozy seating and colourful pillows. Then, to keep the green focus, set up pathways throughout the yard leading to smaller seating areas. Similar to the interior, this layout sets up “rooms” in your backyard where you and guests can mingle and move around.

Bring the indoor entertainment spaces outside

Why limit yourself to just one kitchen inside the home? When you have guests over on a beautiful, sunny day, it’s far nicer to be outside than indoors. You can blend interior and exterior spaces by designing a stunning outdoor kitchen space.

A full kitchen offers far more cooking options than just a barbeque or portable food cooked inside. You can whip up delicious meals outside while entertaining guests and serving piping-hot meals. It’s also the perfect addition to blending seating areas with stylish overhead lighting or installed around the yard. As the sun sets, your yard becomes a welcoming space to stay and enjoy the night scenery and gentler lighting. Landscape lighting can illuminate gathering spaces, highlight a landscape feature, and create a cozy ambiance. 

Create a second living room area with a fireplace

Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your yard. In addition to building spaces throughout the yard, design a central seating area. A paved patio with a pergola covered with plants in the summer and a stylish curtain in the fall creates a luxurious primary setting. Then, add a natural focal point by adding a fireplace. That addition helps define the space and provides privacy for an outdoor room.

Around the rest of the yard, build a gazebo to add another level of luxury and create a separate outdoor room with a cover. Finally, install cozier firepits with comfortable seating for more casual outdoor fun in other parts, open or nestled around a natural pond or sculpted detail of the yard.

Landscapers in Edmonton

JPL Earthworks brings 15 years of experience designing, renovating and sculpting luxurious landscapes. They take their client’s goals and landscape dreams to create a lasting oasis customized to every home. So when you’re reading to renovate or build, their team is ready to help. Start planning your landscape construction project for the spring!

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