Transforming your front yard with landscape design

When it comes to landscape projects, it’s often the backyard that gets the most attention. While it certainly adds value and living space, don’t ignore your front yard. The front yard plays a crucial role in boosting curb appeal, adding aesthetic design, and adding great overall value.

Jovak Landscaping & Design in Chilliwack is a professional landscape and design company. They share some landscape design tips to transform your front yard.

Pick a focal point

The front of your house has a lot of interesting visuals, which makes creating a focal point important. Typically, the front door acts as that point with a bright and eye-catching colour. If that is the case in your home, don’t feel you have to darken the door to create a focal landscape. Instead, work with the look and complement the space. For example, plant bushes around the steps to the door and add colourful plants that complement any existing colours. That way, you get both a focal point through your landscape while still complimenting your home’s existing appeal.

Add some architecture

You don’t have to overhaul your entire yard, but adding some architecture is always visually interesting. For example, build up your flower bed with a stone border or with a retaining wall. The different height levels will add more interest and depth to your yard than a uniform and flat space. If you have a large and spacious front yard, install a pathway leading up to your front door and plant bushes or accent trees along the way. It’ll add a natural sense of charm to the layout, and the path will help naturally draw the eye to your home.

Plant colourful trees

If you want to add some trees to your front yard, don’t limit yourself to classic green trees. While the look is always a nice touch, you can’t go wrong by choosing colourful trees instead. For example, Dogwood or Japanese Maple both produce bright pink leaves, or birch trees turn a stunning yellow in the fall. Fruit trees, like apple trees, produce small white flowers in the months before they produce apples. Others like crab-apple or holly trees keep their colourful fruit and berries for months for a natural contrast against their green leaves. If you need help, talk to your landscaper about the best trees for your needs and climate.

Light it up

Once you have your landscape design in place, don’t just enjoy the sights during the day. Landscape lighting is not only a great way to enjoy the sights at night, but it also helps with security. Lights along the path leading to your home make nighttime navigation easier, or you can highlight your flower beds or a certain tree. Integrated lights also seamlessly blend into the design, so you won’t know they are there until the lights go on.

Landscapers in Chilliwack

Jovak Landscape & Design brings over ten years of landscaping experience, design and expertise. They focus on creating landscapes that are long-lasting, beautiful, and always compliment your home and lifestyle needs. From design, construction and architecture, their landscape professionals can help with it all.

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