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There’s a two-part process when finding and hiring the right siding contractor for your home. First is ensuring the quality of work provided, what warranties and insurances they own, and the years of experience. The second is the business process and how well the company acts during the entire project.

At Estate Exteriors in Edmonton, their work quality extends to every part of the job, including the business side. Their professionals share more about their working process and how it’ll guarantee peace of mind:

Transparency when quoting

With Estate Exteriors, there are no hidden fees or later additions to the cost of your siding. Reputable siding contractors tend to give written estimates of the project right from the start. Those costs may include a breakdown of the material costs, any permit fees, and labour costs. That way, you know exactly what you are paying for without hidden surprises. The professionals at Estate Exteriors follow this same 100% transparency policy for all their projects. They work with you to find a clear and suitable budget so that you get what you need at the right cost. The owner himself also acts as the main point of contact, so any questions or concerns go straight to him. That way, there is no worry about miscommunication or missing information.

The job is done right the first time

Siding will show problems, wear down early, and need repairs if it has been installed wrong. Siding that has been fastened too tightly will expand and crack since it has no room to move. Mildew and mould growth can also mean gaps in the siding where moisture has seeped in. Estate Exteriors avoids any of these repairs or causes for headaches by doing the job right the first time. Their experienced and skilled professionals have the knowledge and tools to guarantee your siding will last for years. The secret is their attention to detail that focuses on customizing each home with its own solution.

Years of siding experience

When it comes to siding, many in the industry tend to refer to vinyl siding alone. That can be misleading, especially when other types of siding like James Hardie fibre-cement, is an excellent option. The material can last upwards of 50 years, boost curb appeal, is very sustainable, and comes with a 30-year warranty. In addition to 19 years of siding experience, Estate Exteriors specializes in all aspects of James Hardie supplies from shingles, siding, exterior trim, and soffit panels. In every aspect, not just the work but the material as well, Estate Exteriors are professionals at their craft.

Siding Contractors in Edmonton

Estate Exteriors prides themselves on providing honest and reliable work with peace-of-mind results. They work together with homeowners to build trust and to ensure their homes will stay safe for years to come. Whether residential or commercial, they are are the ones to call.

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