Trying to find standard mattress sizes Canada?

You’ve spent the money on a major home renovation that included a master suite upgrade. Now that you have the beautifully upgraded space, it’s time to start thinking about furnishings. Furniture plays a major role in how a room looks and how it functions.

Choosing a new bed and mattress. 

The biggest piece of furniture in your newly renovated bedroom will be the bed. Having a hard time finding mattress sizes Canada?  If you are looking for a queen bed size in Canada, mattress companies offer a wide range of size selections so you need to be very careful which bed sheets, box springs, or frames you order. You want to make sure you choose a bed that can comfortably sleep you and your partner. If you have pets and/or kids that might join you, that needs to be weighed in too.

Choosing a too small mattress could result in a poor night’s sleep. Choosing a bed that is too big for the room can make the space feel small and cramped.

Mattress sizes breakdown

Here are the dimensions of the most common mattresses sizes in Canada to help you choose the bed that is right for you and your space.

Twin: Don’t let the name deceive you. A twin bed is most comfortable sleeping just one person and are 38” by 74.5 to 75”.

Twin XL: An extra-large twin is the same width of a standard twin, but a little longer at 79.5 to 80 inches long.

Super single: A super single is best for one person, but you could get two on there in a pinch. The dimensions are 47” by 74.5” to 75”.

Double: Double mattresses are also known as full mattresses. They are 53” by 74.5” to 75”.

Double XL: Like the XL twin, the double extra-large mattress is the same width of a normal double, with some added 5 inches of length.

Queen: Queen beds are the most common mattress size used by couples. They can comfortably fit two people and fit well in most bedroom sizes. Queen mattresses are 60” by 79.5” to 75”.

King: If you are a restless sleeper or need space in a shared bed, a king mattress is the best choice. You’ll need a large bedroom to accommodate it. King mattresses are 76” by 79.5” to 75”.

California King: These extra-large mattresses are the longer, perfect for tall sleepers. They’re 72” by 83.5” to 84”.

Shopping online for a mattress.

Online mattress shopping is the latest trend. High quality memory foam mattresses can be compressed, rolled and shipped to your doorstep in a box. Simply pull it out of the box, place it on your bedframe and let it recompress. Companies like Gotta Sleep offer a 101-night trial, so if it’s not the right mattress for you, they’ll take it back and offer a full refund. Check it out here.

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