Twice the benefits: professional landscape design and upkeep

A carefully landscaped and maintained yard is as appealing personally as is it for your home’s value. Still, having a beautiful yard requires plenty of maintenance to keep it that way. R and R Landscape in Calgary, a professional landscape and construction company, can provide both landscape design and care.

They share some transformative designs their landscapers can create for you and how they can keep that transformation well-maintained.

Design with multiple decks and patios

Why have just one deck or patio when you can benefit from multiple in your backyard? Not only will it create a visually interesting and aesthetic layout, but you can design such an arrangement in many more ways. Build a deck against your home as your main space to entertain friends or just to enjoy the outdoors. As for a patio, place it further into your yard to use as a private space. Pair retaining walls and walkways to help add not only function but also to add a new dimension throughout each area. Pair different materials as well to create beautiful contrasts. If you have a wooden deck, for example, use stone for your patio instead. Work together with your landscaper to ensure you get the right layout for your yard. Their years of design experience will help with both the planning and choosing the right materials.

Go multi-level in your yard

Multi-level yards are a perfect way to blend different landscape designs into one. Multi-level yards make use of retaining walls to create layers or levels throughout your yard. Even if you own a small yard, a few layers will create the illusion of a bigger space.  Leave at least one part of your yard flat, so you have a space to add a patio or seating for a new fireplace. Each level can be customized as well, creating a defined separation between each space. There are many ways to customize, so get inspired by these beautiful multi-level yards.

Multi-level yards can be complex to design, so work with your landscaper to finetune the details. They’ll let you know which features will work best and how to utilize each design element. Planning the right budget is also key to designing a multi-level yard. Once you’ve settled the details, your landscaper will help establish a budget that matches those goals.

Enjoy a beautiful, professionally maintained yard

When you hire a professional landscaper, it helps take away the stress, time, and work of landscaping yourself. By working together with a professional, they ensure you get the yard of your dreams. Still, beautifully transformed yards come with plenty of upkeep. Even if you love to garden, you may not always have the time required to maintain your yard.

Instead, hire the same company that did your yard to help maintain it. They will already be familiar with the design of your yard and will easily ensure its properly maintained. Even during the design phase, they can help implement low-maintenance features if that is your desire. Plus, it will look beautiful throughout the year and not just for one season. You’ll always be able to enjoy your yard, without the stress of planning to lift a finger to do so!

Landscapers in Calgary and Lawn Care in Calgary 

R and R Landscape have the backing of 15 years of experience to guarantee their skills and quality of work. They pride themselves on transforming backyards into beautiful spaces where homeowners love to spend time and enjoy. They provide landscaping services, maintenance, walkways, and much more.

Don’t wait – get in contact with R and R Landscapes today!

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