Two types of decks to consider for your yard

Building a deck addition will add function, value, and enjoyment to your home. A new deck will extend your living space, provide more opportunities to enjoy the yard, and add value to your home. Clement Contracting in Winnipeg is a contracting company specializing in decks and fences. They share two types of decks to consider for your backyard project:

Grade-level decks

A grade-level deck is a deck that is essentially one step up from the finished grade. Or one step up from the ground. Decks under 24 inches above the ground do not require a deck permit from the City of Winnipeg, allowing your deck builder to skip the permitting process, and saving time and money. Stairs with landings are also allowed without a permit, but the landing must be less than 36 square feet.

Grade-level decks are also more straightforward and less time-consuming to build. They are a simple box frame willed in with joists. There is no need to auger post holes and create cement piles. When building a new deck, these jobs are a significant use of time and money.

Instead, Clement Contracting builds grade-level decks on a base of limestone gravel. The joists are supported by limestone and protected from moisture on the ground. This structure protects your joists from rot, and the limestone also prevents soil erosion.

If you’re looking for a quick and straightforward solution for your outdoor living space, a grade-level deck will do the trick. Available in a range of decking materials, you can customize your deck with a pergola, privacy wall, and patio furniture.

Post and beam decks

Post and beam decks are higher than 24 inches above the ground or finished grade. Clement Contracting will use piles or blocks to support the posts, then construct beams on the posts and joists across the beams. This deck style requires a permit from the city, but that is something your contractor will take care of for you.

Post and beam decks are more time-consuming, labour intensive, and more expensive. However, they can make more of a statement and create a beautiful and functional addition to your home. Deck additions also have a great return on investment. According to this cost vs value report for deck additions, they can recoup more than 65% of their cost at resale.

Post and beam decks allow you to get creative with multiple levels, decorative stairs and railing styles, and other features. You can also include pergolas, privacy walls, planters, and other custom carpentry features.

Deck Builders in Winnipeg

Clement Contracting offers a range of interior and exterior services, including fences, decks, gates, bathroom, and basement renovations. They pride their craft and service and provide direct communication with every customer. Attention to detail, a flair for design, and projects built-to-last are things you can expect from Clement Contracting.

Improve your yard this spring. Book a consultation with Clement Contracting.

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