Types of drywall damage and when to call a pro for repairs

At some point in a drywall’s life, it’s likely to get a few scratches or possibly cracks and holes. While damaged drywall is unsightly, many types of damage can be easily fixed with a little DIY work. Sometimes though, what seems like a minor issue may be a sign of something more serious.

Great Wall Construction in Calgary are expert drywall professionals with over 25 years of experience. They share some typical drywall damage and when it’s time to call them for repair help:

1. Nail holes: no problem!

One of the more common damage that occurs to drywall is leftover nail holes from hanging pictures. While it’s unappealing to have little holes dotting your walls, it’s a simple matter to fix. Just fill the holes with a drywall compound, sand it, wait for it to dry and paint over it. Your walls will look as good as new in no time!

2. Scratches and small dents: safe to DIY

Another typical drywall damage comes from basic day-to-day living but is also easily repaired. Small scratches on your drywall are likely caused by furniture scraping or bumping against the walls. Smaller dents, such as door shaped ones, can be caused by a door swinging open too hard and denting the wall. Neither is appealing to have, but both are easily fixed. A little bit of drywall compound filled into the dents and smoothed will fix any small dents. As for scratches, shallow ones can be painted over, or a small amount of drywall compound spread over to smooth it out. Take a look at this drywall repair guide to patch any holes or dents in your drywall.

3. Cracks: depends on the size

No matter how small a crack in your drywall, no crack should be ignored. Even tiny cracks can spread and become worse, or they may be a sign of more severe damage behind the walls. If it’s a hairline crack over any doors or walls, there’s no need for concern. These are just signs that your house has settled, but it’s not a sign of structural damage. Still, re-tape and paint them and keep an eye out to make sure they don’t reappear.

With larger and much more jagged cracks, it’s a warning sign of a structural problem. These types of cracks do need professional help to both find out the underlying problem and fix it. A thin straight crack, for example, is likely the result of bad drywall taping. While these are easily repaired, it’s better to call in a professional. Sometimes the entire wall was done incorrectly, so the whole section will need to be replaced and redone. It’s always better to have a professional handle it now than constantly try to repair recurring cracks.

4. Discoloured drywall: call the pros!

If you find discolouration around your drywall, call a professional right away. The discolouration may be the result of water damage behind the walls and can quickly worsen. Never try to fix the discoloured section, since the damage may span much farther. Call in a professional to help first locate and stop the leak, then focus on repairing your drywall with the help of a company like Great Wall Construction. It’s best to open up the wall and replace everything, to avoid the risk of any mould developing.

Drywall Contractors in Calgary

Great Wall Construction ensures that every step of your project, you get only the best service and care. They offer everything from renovations, drywall repairs, new homes and more. With over 25 years of experience, they guarantee a professional finish every time.

No matter the project, contact Great Wall Construction for all your drywall needs!

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