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No matter the reason you are looking for a real estate agent, you need to be aware of the types of agents out there. Dipping into the real estate market without the right person in your corner may not give you the outcome you desire because this world is quite hectic. The following are some real estate agents you can choose from.

The Vet

One of the most sought-after real estate agents is the veteran. This is the person who has years of experience under his or her belt, making the sales pitch quite impressive. This person can give you all sorts of advice based on genuine experience, which can definitely help guide you through any hurdles that may arise through this process.


Now, this person may be able to sell your home quite quickly and for a good price, but the price could be quite high. Furthermore, this realtor may not have much open time, meaning that you may feel relatively alone throughout the entire process. Finally, realtors like this could also be stuck in their old ways and not open to some of today’s digital tools or resources.


Rookie Galore

Just as there are experienced real estate agents, there are also inexperienced realtors ready to do the work for you. These individuals have not been in the game for more than two years and have not experienced everything there is to experience. Problems could arise that they do not know how to handle initially, but that does not mean they won’t try.


These individuals may lack experience, but they are burning with drive and will likely work relatively cheaper than other realtors. Their energy will likely make up for their lack of experience. Rookie realtors likely have all the time in the world to work with you, so you will definitely feel like you have a part in this process.

Cutthroat Realtors

The next type of realtor out there for you is the cutthroat realtor or the shark. These individuals can be harsh, fearless, and will go to bat for you when negotiating with the other party. There is no doubt that this kind of individual is going to try to get you the very best deal possible. The only problem with these kinds of realtors is that they may not be sensitive enough, which can be hard to take at times.


Say that you are attempting to sell your home and you’ve added some personal touches that you feel good about. Well, this realtor may not see the beauty in your additions and may not mince his or her words when telling you to remove those personal touches. In essence, you need thick skin to work with someone like this, and you need to be okay with the realtor being harsh with the people you are making your deal with.

Online Agents

One of the newest types of real estate agents to hit the market are the online real estate agents. These agents make it pretty easy for you to communicate with them through online communication tools. These realtors will likely offer great prices since they will likely not have the overhead expenses like a high street realtor.


The problem is that online agents do not really meet with people in person, and that personal touch realtors add to a pitch could be the difference between a sale or a pass. TheAdvisory’s analysis on online estate agents shows that online agents could actually delay a sale. Yes, you may be saving money, but the reality is that you may also end up losing money, so think this one through.

Digital Agent

The digital agent can sometimes be the online agent though there are times when the digital agent is more of a hybrid. This individual uses all the online tools available to help you through this process. He or she is adept at using different social media platforms to create an online presence to announce that you are selling your property or your desire to buy property.


There is no doubt that the internet has become vital whether you are selling or buying property, but that does not mean that the digital agent has all the answers. There are still a considerable amount of people out there who rely on good old fashioned marketing, which could be overlooked by this realtor. Furthermore, these kinds of realtors sometimes forget to explain all the steps they are taking for you, which could leave you at a loss.


The key takeaway here is to understand that you have choices. Each person has their own pros and cons, but one of these realtors is the right one for you. You have to talk to each one to find the one that works for you.


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