Unique Home Renovation Ideas

Home Renovations

Starting a renovation project can be a very exciting and creative process!  You can go along with the latest design trends or use your own ideas to design your home to your unique style while finding creative solutions to improve the functionality of a specific space.

Before starting a home renovation project, it’s important to have a clear idea of the finished project.  Then you can start plugging away at the details to determine what needs to be purchased, what order each job needs to be completed and how it all fits within your timeline and budget.

Turn your attic into livable space

Your attic can be renovated into a private master bedroom, a quiet home office or a play-room for the kids.  Before even starting this kind of renovation, you should have a professional an engineer to inspect your house’s foundation and framing to ensure they can carry the load of a functional attic space.  At the least, you might have to strengthen the floor joists.

Looking for inspiration?  Check out these 16 Amazing Attic Remodels from the DIY Network.

Use the space under your stairs for book storage

Utilizing the space under your stair case can be a great way to organize your book collection.  You can build a custom bookcase to fit the otherwise wasted space and create a unique and aesthetically pleasing storage solution at minimal cost.

You can see some really unique staircase shelving units on Houzz.com.

Consider building a secondary suite or garden suite in your garage or yard.

To help create more sustainable neighbourhoods, zoning bylaws in most Canadian cities allow for secondary suites or “garden suites” on residential properties.  Not only will having a rental suite increase your property value, it will also give you a revenue stream that can help with pay for your mortgage or other housing costs.

To help you get started on your renovation project, check out the listings on our FREE online directory at RenovationFind.com.  Browse through contractors and renovation companies in your city that have been screened and approved for their quality work, customer service and reputation.


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