Upgrade with Glass, Outside and Indoors

Thinking about a glass railing for your balcony, porch or patio but not sure which way to go? Perhaps you’re considering glass railing inside your home or office? Well, there are a number of ways you can involve glass.


You can optimize your view by going with a Topless Glass railing at a standard height of 42″, or a Topless Glass railing that doubles as a windbreak (usually around 72″ tall), or a Topless Glass railing that doubles as a windbreak and a privacy barrier. Alternatively, you can choose a Framed Glass railing, or you can go with a combination of glass railing and picket railing. Each option has its merit.

Topless Glass Railing – standard height

Secured by posts about every four and a half feet a topless glass railing eliminates the obtrusive top rail that obstructs your view when seated. Aside from its aesthetic appeal a topless glass railing is an excellent solution for areas where you entertain or lounge.

Topless Glass Railing – windbreak

A topless glass railing at 72″ tall provides an excellent windbreak because the glass seats right into the vertical posts, providing a true windbreak solution. Commonly used in BBQ or hot tub areas, or for areas where wind is a constant issue, a topless glass windbreak complements a standard height topless glass system for the rest of your build.

Topless Glass Railing – windbreak / privacy

The same as topless glass railing windbreak, the windbreak / privacy railing uses satin etched glass for privacy. Polished on the inside, etched on the outside, windbreak / privacy railing is commonly used between homes or around hot tubs.

Framed Glass Railing

Framed Glass railing offers the benefits of glass railing at a more economical price.

Picket Railing

More economical than both the topless and framed glass railing solutions, picket railing is oftentimes chosen in conjunction with one of our glass railing options. On staircases or in areas where the view may not be an issue, or perhaps where design recommends, colour matched picket railing provides an economical complement to a glass solution.

Glass Railing for indoor projects

Topless Glass railing is an attractive design solution for indoor application. An excellent option in areas where you’re seeking to open space, glass railing indoors also complements large areas, unobtrusively providing safety where necessary.

Glass: DeckView uses Western Canadian manufactured tempered glass; 10 or 12 mm thick in our Topless Glass railing and 6 mm thick in our Framed Glass railing.

Posts & Picket: Manufactured in Western Canada, our posts and picket are durable powder coat finished aluminum supported by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

DeckView Glass and Rail provides a 5-year installation warranty on all of its projects. DeckView Glass and Rail are members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, the North American Deck and Railing Association, the North American Home Builders Association and RenovationFind.com.


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