Using a General Contractor for a Basement Renovation

Whether it be starting from scratch, or redesigning your current space, there are endless possibilities for what you can do with your basement. Westgate Projects in Calgary offers what you can expect when using a general contractor for your basement renovation. 

Expert planning

Planning is the most important stage in any project. Without a plan, important details can be missed that can throw off the project. You might have to address problems with the foundation, or bring things up to the current building code, like installing egress windows. A general contractor can make the space up to code before getting started on the project. 

Once the foundation of your basement is set, then comes the planning for what to do with the space. Whether it be a family room, bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, or transforming your basement into a rental suite, a general contractor knows what to do. They can help you design a layout, choose materials, and install any custom features you may want to add. 

Great time management

Projects take time. Tackling something on your own may make the project more time-consuming, and this may cause you to give up, or leave projects unfinished. The general contractors at Westgate Projects set a schedule for what needs to happen by when. They will ensure all the trades working on your project are keeping a schedule and will be there to resolve issues when things take longer. You’ll be happy with beautiful results, and things running on schedule when you hire a professional project manager. 

Professionally done

While DIY can save a little money, it might not result in the best results. DIY attempts could result in faulty installations and premature breakdowns of certain components of the renovation. You want the job done by a team that has the experience, training, and knowledge in construction and renovations.

Westgate Projects has the knowledge from years on the job to complete a number of projects in your home, including your basement remodel or development. They also specialize in custom millwork and cabinets, giving that added personal touch to make the basement space truly your own. When the project is complete, you’ll have flawless professional results that meet or exceed your expectations. 

General Contractors in Calgary

Westgate Projects’ efficiency and quality workmanship are what sets them apart. They pride themselves on their reasonable pricing and ability to keep on budget for your home projects. From basements, kitchens, and bathrooms to exterior additions, they look forward to working with you on your next renovation!

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