Using natural stone to make your front entrance a feature

A feature front entrance doesn’t just start with your door; everything around it plays a role as well. From your sidewalk, your steps and the framing around your door, it all connects to make a feature entrance. Adding natural stone as a part of a front entrance feature can do a lot to really pull it all together.

Stone Solutions Inc. in Edmonton are a professional masonry company for both exterior and interior services. They share some ways to use natural stone to turn your front entrance into a feature:

Add natural stone as a frame around your door

By adding stone as a frame for your door, it will naturally make your door stand out in contrast. When you paint your door a bright colour, it draws the eye to it, which makes it a focal point. Also, by adding stone to highlight your doorway, it draws the eyes towards it as a point of interest. Depending on the colour of the stone used, you can create different effects. If your door is recessed, use a lighter stone to draw it out. On the other hand, a forward door can be paired with a dark stone for a bolder entrance.

Make a statement with entrance columns

Nothing quite says grand entrance like a pair of luxurious columns outside your front entrance. With this idea, you are making your entire entranceway into a focal feature. The great thing as well with the design, is that you aren’t limited in possibilities. Pair full stone columns with a doorway that is also framed in stone for a really modern, grand aesthetic. Or for subtle grandness, use stone only on the bottom half of your columns. Likewise, if you have a longer entryway, install a row of columns on just one side, which is reminiscent of a Roman style. Find some inspiration for stone columns for your home with these pictures and ideas.

Work with your garage to make an entrance 

Remember that the pathway leading up to your entrance plays just as important a role. This is especially the case if your front entrance is set back along the edge of your home. By adding masonry to the face of your garage, not only are you making it pop, but it’ll help draw attention. Naturally, the eyes will look to the stonework and then move along to the rest of your home. Then, you just need to incorporate a little bit of masonry around your entrance. That way you’ll tie the stone additions together and have a build-up to your entrance. Masonry on your garage is also a great way to draw in complementary colours on your home or the colour of your door.

Masonry Contractors in Edmonton

When you work with Stone Solutions, you are getting 20 years of experience from their company. They are committed to ensuring quality service, products and customer satisfaction. Stone Solutions offers both exterior and interior services from feature walls, fireplaces, entryways and more. So, no matter what you need or dream of having, Stone Solutions can provide it for you!

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