Using masonry design to customize your fireplace

Fireplaces can be a centerpiece in a home. It’s a place where the family or guests can gather together and spend time with one another in a comfortable space. Choosing the look of your fireplace can change the look and energy of your home, as well as be a focal point in the space it’s found. Typically, a type of stone may be used to design it, and professional masonry is a great choice to consider.

Justin Avery Masonry in Edmonton shares how you can use the masonry design to customize your fireplace.

Choosing your stone

First and foremost, you’ll need to choose a material to design with. There are many different choices, including brick, thin brick, metamorphic or sedimentary stone, limestone, quartz, and other types of stone. All of these different kinds of stone have different textures and looks, so choosing a specific material for the fireplace design you want. For example, something like brick may be more rustic looking, but at the same time can be painted or framed in a certain way to suit your vision. This is something Justin Avery Masonry can help with.

Choosing the pattern

Once you’ve decided on the stone, it’s time to decide how you want to lay it out. You can stick to the basic pattern with straight rows, or play with the stones and create your own pattern to individualize the look as much as you choose. This may depend on the thickness of stones, the length, or various textures. You can also decide if you want the stone around the firebox, to include a hearth and if the stone will be installed up the wall to create a chimney-effect. With gas or electric fireplaces, there is no official chimney, so adding can really make your fireplace look authentic.

Installing the stones

Hiring a masonry contractor to help install the stone on your fireplace is very beneficial. They will be able to make your vision a reality, as well as offer expertise on different things you may want to try. They will get the job done quickly and effectively, completing the space to your liking for everyone to enjoy. Installing brick and stone is something you should always leave to the professionals.

Masonry Contractors in Edmonton

Justin Avery Masonry specializes in face brick, thin brick, manufactured stone, natural stone installations and more. They have decades of combined experience in the trade, offering design and solutions with regards to any masonry install. Whether it’s a new build or renovation you can trust them to guide you through the process and selections. They make it simple and saving you time and worry while making positive changes to your living space!

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