Using Your Staircase to Reflect Your Style

If you’re building or renovating, don’t overlook how big of an effect the staircase can have on your home. Using the staircase to reflect your style can help the style flow seamlessly. Plus, a stunning staircase will add a unique focal point to your home’s design.

Prestige Railings and Stairs in Calgary are available to help you choose your custom staircase. Their wide array of options are available to suit any style choice.

Choosing a style of post

One of the great things about a custom staircase is that you have options available for a post style. You can choose between a solid look with straight pieces of wood or a more intricate style with elaborate designs. If you’re not sure what you want, bring in a few photos when you talk to Prestige Railings and Stairs. They can help you choose a post style that will best flow with your home’s design and your personal preferences. 

Wooden spindle options

The spindles are what tie your staircase style together while also being a safety necessity. You might choose from standard wood spindles or turned spindles. Turned spindles are more intricate and have a more prominent design to them. You can also choose from a range of wood types. Prestige Railing and Stairs offers cherry, walnut, mahogany, beech, cedar, and many other wood species. Making a choice depends on your home’s overall style and what you like best. 

Metal spindles designs and finishes

Metal spindles are also available, and there are many options to choose from for your custom staircase. From a simple straight rod to more elaborate designs, there is a selection of 32 standard styles to suit a wide range of tastes. You can also choose from a dozen specific finishes, which can further help customize your selection. From a modern farmhouse look to art-deco, you’ll find a match for your home’s specific interior design scheme.

Stairs and Railings in Calgary

Prestige Railings and Stairs has over 25 years in the construction industry and understands what homeowners need when designing custom staircases. By valuing their customers, they consistently provide high-quality work and have been recognized with numerous Consumer Choice Awards. In addition, they offer a solid warranty and their knowledgeable design team can help you create a custom staircase to complement your home. 

Improve your stairs with Prestige Railings and Stairs today.

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