Utilizing Unused Space for Garage Storage

How many of us find ourselves climbing over boxes and hacking our way through a jungle of “stuff” to get to what we need in our storage areas? Many of us are stuck with an overload of storage items and a lack of space to store it all. Being able to utilize the space that is often forgotten and unused in the garage is a great solution to many storage problems.

Garage Overhead Storage

Garage overhead storage can solve our storage problems. Overhead racks like these ones can free up valuable floor space and leave room for more important things, like the car.

Overhead storage can be used for a variety of garage storage. These adjustable racks hold big bulky items as well as heavy items that need to be in long-term storage. However, these overhead racks are still easy enough to access that getting those storage items won’t be a hassle.

Freeing up Garage Flooring

Using overhead racks frees up your garage floor, so you have more room to park your car and walk around. However, now that your floor is clear, you might have to deal with an unsightly, cracked cement floor that absorbs oil, dirt, and grime.

An easy way to increase the value of your home, as well as make the garage more functional and low-maintenance is having garage flooring installed. Coming in a variety of colors and styles, Epoxy and Polyurea flooring is smooth and durable. It resists any chemical, oil, or water spills and is easy to clean, unlike porous concrete that requires a great deal of effort to keep nice. Contact a garage floor coating company in Edmonton.

Photo from Zone Garage

Photo from Zone Garage

If you want to increase the value and functionality of your home and storage, consider the two options above. Utilize unused space and add more style to your home with garage overhead storage and flooring.

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