Valuable plumbing upgrades for your home 

Plumbing plays a significant role in your home, so investing in proper upgrades is essential. These investments add lasting value from updating pipes, installing new faucets, or replacing an old water heater.

Richfield Plumbing & Heating in Edmonton is a professional plumbing company. They share what plumbing upgrades add value to your home:

Update the pipes

Updating your pipes is especially worthwhile if you live in an older home. Old pipes can have unexpected leaks and can block drains. For example, Poly B waterlines is a product installed in the 1980s and 90s and should be replaced as soon as possible. These pipes are prone to leaks and bursting, and it’s tough to sell your home or get home insurance.

Another example is cast iron or copper drainage. These pipes were installed before the 1980s typically. Unfortunately, both are materials found in older homes and have exceeded their life expectancy, so they can start leaking or plugging easily. If the pipes burst or plug, it’ll lead to costly water damage or drain cleaning repairs.

Insulate your pipes

Once you have update-to-date pipes, the following valuable upgrade is getting the pipes insulated. That helps protect against energy loss as uninsulated pipes can lose heat, especially in the basement. Insulated pipes are a simple and cost-efficient upgrade that will lead to better savings in the long run. In addition, it will protect your pipes from freezing and bursting when we have a cold spell.

Upgrade the faucets

When did you give the faucets a new look and style? If it’s been a while or never, now is a great time to consider a change. Not only do new faucets add new visual appeal, but it also adds new functionality and cost savings. Low-flow faucets, for example, cut the amount of water flowing without affecting the power. So even that little upgrade will cut down on water expenses each month and lead to better savings. Energy-efficient toilets and shower heads are other easy upgrades to invest in for your home (and wallet!).

Replace the water heater.

Water heaters supply hot water throughout your home and can also use energy. Old water heaters, especially, guzzle energy to heat your home and aren’t always efficient. A newer model will quickly recoup its cost over time through lower utility bills and less water needed. Tankless water heaters are another cost-saving option that produces hot water on demand rather than storing it. If you aren’t sure what upgrade is best, talk with your contractor about options to invest in the best choice.

Plumbing in Edmonton

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