Value-adding benefits of a siding replacement

The state of your home’s exterior plays a major role in your home’s curb appeal, property value, energy efficiency and well-protected it is from the elements. Investing in an exterior renovation that includes a siding replacement can add value to your home, in more ways than one.

Top Tier Exteriors in Vancouver specializes in exterior renovations and siding replacements. They share more:

New siding has a good return on investment.

A new vinyl siding replacement can add 77.6% of it’s cost to the value of your home, according to Remodeling Magazine’s cost vs. value report for 2020. In their example, a residential property replaced 1,250 square feet of existing siding with new siding. The installation included factory trim on all corners and openings and cost $17,000. More than $13,000 was recovered and added to the value of the home. This is a higher return on investment than most home renovations, especially interior renovations.

Boosted curb appeal has value too.

Your home will look better, and according to any real estate professional, that enhanced curb appeal matters. First impressions make a big difference in attracting buyers, and it all starts with how your house looks on the outside and in its initial online listing picture. If the home looks shabby, out-dated or in disrepair, it will deter buyers from taking the next step. A fresh, modern curb appeal, however, will help your home stand out from the competition. This could result in higher offers and less time on the market.

New siding will improve energy efficiency.

Depending on the type of siding you choose, you can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Insulated vinyl siding, for example, can bring an older home’s thermal performance way up. This will directly translate into less energy loss and lower energy bills. You’ll start to experience savings as time goes on. Ask Top Tier Exteriors what your best options are for energy-efficient siding.

Ensuring your home is protected will prevent future repairs.

If your home isn’t protected properly from moisture and water, you are in for a host of expensive home repair issues. If any water is getting in, it can cause damage to your walls, framing, windows, drywall, insulation and other home components. Prevent the headache and expense by getting your inferior cladding replaced as soon as possible.

Siding Contractors in Vancouver

Top Tier Exteriors specializes in all types of siding and soffits, serving the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area. They are committed to providing high-quality workmanship and competitive prices, while working with builders to ensure a stress-free process. If you need a siding replacement or help with choosing siding for your new home building project, you can trust the expertise at Top Tier Exteriors.

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