Value of a Garage Addition

Building a detached garage has many benefits. Those who have lived through Calgary winters without a garage will more than appreciate getting into a warmer vehicle with confidence that it will actually start up in the coldest of weather! Beyond providing a protected place to park your vehicles, a garage provides additional storage for your tools, garden supplies, bicycles and other household items. It can be used as a workshop or even an additional living space.

Value & ROI of a Garage Addition 

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A major advantage to building a garage addition is that is will increase your home’s equity and it has a good return on investment if you should decide to sell your home. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, the average return on a basic detached garage addition is 64.8 percent. That means if you built a garage for $30,000 on a garage addition you will add about $19,440 to your home’s resale value.  A garage addition has a better return on investment than other popular additions. For example, a bathroom addition recoups 56.2 percent.

More than the monetary value, a home with a garage is also more attractive to home buyers shortening the time your home is on the market and improving the quality of offers you’ll receive. In fact, some home seekers would consider the lack of a garage a deal breaker.

Additional Savings

If you’re not planning on selling your home, a garage can still be effective in recouping the cost of building it over time by helping you save money in other ways. For example, keeping your vehicle parked in a garage will reduce weather-related wear and tear. It will also protect it from getting sideswiped, broken into or vandalized being parked on the street. You won’t have to rent a storage unit to store your spare household items, as a garage can offer a variety of storage solutions. Using your garage as a work space will allow you to take care of household maintenance and repairs yourself without having to hire contractors.

Garage Builders in Calgary

Garage builders in Calgary can build you a quality garage that will provide a secure place to park your vehicle, additional storage and will improve your home’s resale value. Calgary garage builders will take care of all the details of your new build and some can provide complete DIY garage packages for those who want to tackle the building project themselves. Start building your garage by contacting reputable garage builders in Calgary.




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