Warning signs your house has bad electrical wiring

It’s easy to take electricity for granted, but it can become a significant hazard if something goes wrong.  For example, if you live in an older home, you have a higher chance of incorrect or out-of-date electrical wiring. There are tell-tale signs something is wrong with your electrical wiring.

Warren Electric in Edmonton offers troubleshooting for electrical issues and complete electrical installation services. They share signs your house has bad electrical wiring:

A circuit breaker keeps tripping

A breaker will trip to stop the flow of electricity when the circuit is overloaded. Essentially, it’s a safety device to prevent overheating and potential fires. However, if you have a breaker that constantly trips, it could signify a bigger issue. First, unplug some devices from that circuit. If the problem persists, it means you should call in an electrician to inspect the wiring.

Hot outlets

Electricity produces a little heat, but your outlets should not be hot to touch. Faulty wiring will send too much electrical current to the outlet causing overheating. An overheated outlet might look scorched or dark. This can damage your appliances and outlets, and even cause a fire. Bring in an electrician right away to do an electrical inspection.

Burning smell

If you walk into a room and smell burning, investigate the outlets and switches. Smoky or burning smells mean something has already overheated and suffered fire damage. Unplug anything that’s in that outlet immediately. Then call Warren Electric for repairs.

Dimming or flickering lights

If lights buzz, dim, or flicker, it is a sign something is wrong with the wiring. Or, if you plug in or use turn on an appliance and the lights dim, it means you have an issue. Listen to these red flags and hire an electrician to investigate as soon as possible.

Frayed wiring

Usually, wiring is behind walls, so seeing wires that are fraying isn’t that common. However, if you notice frayed wiring and the plastic covering is broken, exposing the wire, you need to fix that immediately. When the electrical circuit is open, it can allow electricity to arc. Arcing can cause electrical injuries and fires.

Electricians in Edmonton

Warren Electric offers a full range of electrical installation and repair services to residential and commercial clients. They run their business with honesty and integrity, promising quality work on every job. They’ll offer a transparent quote with no surprise fees or costs when the job is done. Hire an electrician that takes pride in their work. Hire Warren Electric.

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