Water filtration: great benefits for your home and health

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the water you drink from your tap? Bacteria, mineral deposits, chemicals, and other contaminants could be in your tap’s drinking water. If this concerns you, water filters can keep your home and health safe.

Ritz Mechanical Services Ltd.in Edmonton is a professional, family-owned plumbing company. They share the health and home benefits of adding a water filtration system:

What impurities are removed?

Water filters help clean water of any impurities and contaminants, while still leaving behind healthy minerals. Generally, tap water is safe to drink, but adding a filter is an added safety measure. If you notice your water smells or taste like chlorine, it might bother you. Things such as lead, iron, mercury, chemicals, or chlorine are present in unfiltered water. A buildup of these minerals is what leads to either minor or severe health concerns. Other impurities that are filtered out can include traces of dirt or silt.

What are the health risks and benefits?

In small amounts, these contaminants aren’t dangerous, but when ingested in more significant amounts, they become a problem. In severe cases and over longer periods, gastrointestinal diseases can even develop due to ingesting high levels of contaminants. With that in mind, Canada does follow a strict drinking water guideline when it comes to the maximum amount of contaminants and water quality. Filtered water, however, provides an added level of security when it comes to your health. It also affects the taste of the water, which is sometimes the preferred reason for homeowners to choose filtered.

The benefits of filtered water start with a cleaner smell and taste by removing the excess minerals. Healthy minerals such as magnesium, fluoride, calcium, and zinc are still able to pass through a filter. These minerals help your body stay healthy, protect against toxins, and encourage water absorption into the body. They can also help prevent any limescale buildup on your faucets throughout your home.

Types of water filters

Water filters can be as simple as a pitcher with a built-in filter that you refill and use as necessary. Other filters, though, are full home systems that clean water everywhere in your home. These are ideal for your health, but purified water is also better for cleaning. For full home systems, there are two main systems: carbon filters or reverse osmosis systems.

Carbon filters: These are a great solution if your water tastes and smells like chlorine, and you want to remove that. The filters specifically absorb and remove chlorine, as well as possible pesticides or herbicides in the water. That leaves the water smelling and tasting clean and clear once again.

Reverse osmosis filters (RO): RO filters, however, offer both a sediment and carbon filter. The smaller sized filters can easily catch even more contaminants and minerals and remove them from the water. In addition to removing bad smells or tastes, they leave the water much cleaner of other possibly harmful particles. They also leave a crisp taste similar to bottled water, which many people tend to prefer.

Which is right for you?

When it comes to water filtration systems, there is no right or wrong choice. It’s a matter of personal choice and what you want to have filtered from your water. If the smell and taste of chlorine is the problem, a full home carbon filter will help. For a full and well-rounded water filter system that removes any possible traces of contaminants and harmful minerals, reverse osmosis is the recommended choice. The best way to know is to have your water tested to see what is present in it. Once you know that, you can call in the professionals to install your new water purification system.

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