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Even though it’s the middle of winter, you can still start planning backyard renovations for the spring. Do some research now to find a vetted company that can offer patio and landscaping services. If you have interior work you’d like to do, find a contractor who can build you a new deck and a new bathroom. This way, you and your contractor can streamline the renovation processes for both improvements and get more done.

South Wood Union Co. in Calgary offers general contracting services for all of your interior and exterior remodelling, and renovations. They walk you through how they can makeover your home, inside and out.

Landscaping and decks

By the time the warm weather rolls around, many homeowners dream of spending as much time in their yards as possible. However, the reality can be much less enjoyable than the dream deck in your mind, especially if your backyard needs work. South Wood Union Co. can transform your outdoor space with several services. They can build custom decks and patios to fit your space and style perfectly. In addition, they can design and build you a garden, add a trellis and put in new sod.

Custom wood

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to adding custom wood pieces to elevate the look of your home. For exterior renovations, custom wood fences and gates can add elegance and sophistication. A customized garden can create an outdoor oasis whether you have a green thumb or not! Wood steps to fit a new wood deck or the perfect siding to your house will help your patio stand out. For those dreaming of wood furniture for their yard, South Wood Union Co. also builds custom furniture to accent the surrounding landscape. Custom wood pieces can do wonders for interior spaces as well. Reach out to South Wood Union Company to discuss how you can upgrade your home with their custom cabinet work and other custom woodwork.

Interior renovations

As you complete your exterior renovations and plan your next big yard party, a brand-new bathroom will wow your guests. A new floor and tile in the bath or shower are two options for a new bathroom space. Additionally, new cabinets and elegant plumbing fixtures will take the bathroom to a whole new level. If you have other rooms in the home you’d also like to renovate, South Wood Union Co. is happy to discuss design options. Share your vision with them and see how they can bring it to life.

Home Renovations in Calgary

South Wood Union Co. is a one-stop shop for all of your interior and exterior renovations, additions, and developments. This trustworthy company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, RenovationFind has also prescreened and vetted this company. That means when you book with South Wood Union Co., your can rest assured your contractor has no credit issues, is fully insured and boasts a roster of clients that are extremely pleased with their work. South Wood Union Co. can do everything from new fencing to exterior front door installations to drywall services and more.

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