Ways to finish the basement

Refinishing a basement is a major source of value for your home and a worthwhile investment. While certainly true, there is more than just one way to finish a basement. Depending on your needs and budget, you have many options when it comes to basement development.

Ascend Builders in Edmonton is a professional home renovations company. They share more about what ways you can finish your basement and enjoy value from each:

Fully finished for your family to enjoy

Developing your unfinished basement will give your home nearly double the square footage of functional living space. Plus, a finished basement will add value back to your home. Finished basements can include everything from a second living room, entertainment centre, spare bedrooms, a home office, or even a home fitness area.

There are many ways to finish a basement, and it mostly comes down to your own goals and home needs. Depending on the state of the unfinished basement, everything from new flooring, drywall, paint, fixtures, and potential appliances will need to be added. With the right budget and professional help, it’s well worthwhile and offers great ROI. You’ll find it to be an investment in your lifestyle at home and can help attract potential buyers in the future.

Partially finished with plans for the future

Partial or half-finished basements are the perfect middle-ground for functional space and budget with future plans in mind. The great thing about this is that you can pick and choose what elements to add to the space. Things like leaving the ceiling exposed or drywalling only parts of the room can help cut costs and labour. Or, if it is an extra bedroom and bathroom you need, you can just do those and worry about the rest down the road.

With a partially finished basement, it’s important to choose a specific purpose or use for the entire space. Even if you’re just doing a little at a time, you want the end result to all flow well. By sticking to an overall plan, you can fully finish in the future and still get use out of those partially renovated spaces in the meantime.

Converted to a secondary suite

If you don’t need the extra living space, consider building a legal secondary suite in your basement. Having a functional, attractive suite can help you bring in rental revenue each month. Use this extra income to pay your mortgage, living expenses, or to put back into the home with other improvements. Ascend Builders can give you advice when it comes to building a suite and will take care of obtaining the necessary permits for the job.

Basement Renovations in Edmonton

Ascend Builders have a 100% guaranteed track rate, ensuring that their customers absolutely love their homes. Every renovation or project is focused on satisfying your needs, wants, and home goals to fall in love with your space. Any help, tips, design suggestions or renovation work needed, their professionals are the ones to call.

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