Ways to heat your home in the winter

Preparing your home for winter is all about comfort. But what is the best way to ensure a comfy, cozy home over the cold months? Your home’s heating system is at the centre of it all. And there are multiple ways to achieve your perfect level of comfort with different types of home heating systems.

Francis Plumbing and Heating in Ottawa are a full-service HVAC company with over 90 years of residential heating experience. They offer a few different ways to keep your house warm and efficient.

1. Furnace/forced air heating

The furnace heating system is one of the most commonly used in Ottawa. And with this common residential heating system, several furnace makes and models are available. Francis helps simplify the entire furnace-buying process with a wealth of knowledge on the different brands. In addition, they offer a free Furnace Buyer’s guide and several other services beyond purchase and installation. They’ll ensure you choose a new furnace that suits your needs for efficiency, features, home comfort, and cost. You can rely on them for furnace maintenance, repairs, and air quality upgrades.

2. Heat pumps

There are two types of heat pumps for residential heating systems: ones that stand alone to heat and cool and ones added to existing HVAC systems. Both types of heat pumps serve the same function of reducing your home’s ecological footprint. The system utilizes the air from outside and runs on electricity. Francis Plumbing & Heating can help retrofit your existing furnace with a heat pump or help to make it your primary HVAC system.

However, heat pumps perform best in homes that are already highly efficient. If you’re unsure if a heat pump is suitable for your home or if you need to do some green upgrades first, speak with Francis Plumbing & Heating.

3. Radiant floor heating

The concept behind radiant floor heating is simple, and the effects can be significant in day-to-day living. Heated floors work by pumping warm water through tubes under your floor. This creates warmth on what would normally be a cool surface (like tile floors) during an Ottawa winter. It provides efficient, even heat and doesn’t blow air (or dust) like a central air system. This makes it a preference for some homeowners. Francis Plumbing & Heating use an Uponor radiant heating system; their Master Plumber is one of three in the region certified in this system.

HVAC Companies in Ottawa

You have several options for ways to keep your house warm on Ottawa’s coldest winter days. Francis Plumbing & Heating can help you prepare your home heating system with new installations for furnaces and heat pumps, boiler maintenance, and radiant floor heating, and you can start it all with a free consultation. They can also help you stay prepared for the summer months and ensure your entire HVAC system is ready for the change in temperatures.

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