What do you know about your sump pump?

Sump Pump Calgary So, “what is a sump pump?”  That’s actually a very common question. So is: “I know I have a hole in the floor there might be a pump. Is that a sump pump?”

Sump pumps are designed to collect water from under your floor.  That’s easy enough! Since they’re located underneath your floor and many homeowners never actually look at them, most people don’t even know what their sump pump or any of it’s parts even looks like.

Here are 5 minimal essentials you would want to look for on your current sump pump or, if your purchasing one, to look for before buying.

Sump pump barrel: This is a sump is not supposed to be in a hole or even a 5 gallon bucket, it is designed to be in a barrel or basin the size of a garbage can. This container should also be perforated with at least 50 holes to allow water in. If the water can’t get in under the floor, then it would have to travel on top of the floor to get in.

Durable powerful pump: The idea of buying a pump for $99.00 sounds great, but what you pay is normally the quality you will get too. Good pumps should be able to pump an average of 2000 gallons per hour. This is the same as carrying 400 five gallon buckets out of your basement per hour! The pump is the heart of the whole sump pump, make sure you make it a strong durable heart.

Check the valve: Every good pump should have a check valve. The check valve is a flap inside the pipe that does not allow water to flow back down the pipe. Remember the goal is to get the water out of the basement, not to have it flow back in, this will eliminate the load banging! If you have a sump that bangs you will understand what I mean.

A solid lid: A solid tight fitting lit that can be secured down is so important. Here are just a few reasons: water that collects in one spot will start to evaporate and will eventually have to condensate, also raising the humidity in the house. This can lead to water and eventually mold. Another reason and maybe even more important, this barrel is big, the size of a garbage can. If anyone or anything was to fall in, it is not easy to get out! Make sure your sump pump has a solid lid!

A dedicated electrical circuit: If you have children, you will understand that the basement becomes toy land. Most outlets are used with chargers, TV’s, gaming systems, you name it. Most of the time the activity is at its highest, when it is raining outside. Everyone is inside “plugged in” and as a home owner you expect to be working too. If the circuit is over loaded it might trip. Now if the breaker trips and the Sump Pump cannot turn on, it will not pump out the water. The best way to prevent an “accident” is to have a dedicated circuit, if that is not achievable, check what is on that line a make sure it is able to support the sump as well.

There are always upgrades also to all sump pumps from battery backup pumps to water watch alarm systems to warn you in advance to the sump overflowing.  If you want the security of having a dry basement all the time, contact one of Calgary’s best foundation repair companies.


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