What Is Hydronic Heating and What Are its Advantages?


Hydronic heating is not very well known compared to other, more traditional, heating methods, but it is quickly catching up because of the myriad of advantages it provides. This type of heating system is one of the easiest, most efficient and economical ways to heat your home.

A hydronic radiant system circulates hot water or steam through baseboards, radiators, tubing in the floors and ceilings and / or convectors along the walls. The hot water from the system can also be redirected to supply you with hot water for your domestic needs. The system usually consists of a boiler with an indirect water heater, but a combination system that does the dual job of heating your home and providing hot water is also available.

Whether you are installing a heating system for a new home or considering a heating upgrade in your old home, a hydronic system will suit you well. It can be installed in any style of home, and uses a variety of fuel sources from oil to natural gas to solar energy. Compared to forced air systems, hydronic heating has many advantages.

It is efficient

A hydronic heating system can achieve efficiency ratings of up to 95%. This is because water is a better conductor of heat than air. Thus, in a hydronic system, warmth is quickly and easily transferred through your home. Additionally, you can adjust the system to heat only specific areas of your space, which means that heat won’t be wasted where it’s not needed and less fuel will be used.

In a closed hydronic system, water is constantly circulated and recycled, so there’s not much wastage. Plus, it works on many different types of fuel. If you use solar energy, your energy consumption will be minimal. Even with an oil or natural gas powered system, utility consumption is greatly reduced. Therefore, a hydronic system is not only easy on your pocket, but also good for the environment.

It is comfortable

In a hydronic radiant system, the surfaces of a space are evenly heated, not just the air. Thus, the heat emitted is gentle and uniformly warms your whole home (or just the rooms you want). People feel more comfortable as there are no uncomfortable hot or cold spots.

You can customise the level of heating required for each room. For example, kids can personalise their room to a temperature they are comfortable with, and parents can do the same in their bedroom. The general areas, like the kitchen and living room, can be kept at a heating level that is comfortable for everyone.

Hydronic heating keeps the humidity level of any space balanced and regulated. There’s no forced air to dry out your skin. With the absence of any ductwork, there are no fan noises or start / stop sounds to disturb you. A hydronic system maintains a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

It is healthy

In forced air systems, the air that is blown out stirs up dust, pollen and dander throughout the home. For people suffering from allergies or asthma, this only exacerbates the problem. With a hydronic system, there is no circulation of forced air, which means that dust particles are not stirred up. Such a system provides a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

It can be designed to suit your needs

Whether you want to use oil, electricity, natural gas or propane, you can find a hydronic boiler that suits you. Unlike traditional systems that require extensive ductwork, hydronic tubing can be installed through your walls easily without tearing them up. An additional perk is that radiator panels come in various styles and designs, and can become an extra aesthetic feature to your home decor.

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