What is Hydronic Heating?

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How does hydronic heating work?

Hydronic heating uses piping to run hot liquid, either water or glycol, beneath your floor, along base board heaters or radiators to heat your home. This type of heating is very energy efficient, makes your floors warm and cozy on your feet and gives you more comfort and control of the heating zones within your home.

The liquid, usually water, runs through a system of piping that are installed below your floor, allowing the heat to radiate across the entire floor surface. In addition, you can have baseboard heaters or radiators added to the same heating system.

The water is heated in a boiler before it gets sent out into the system. Pumps work to constantly push newly heated water into the various piping. You can control the hydronic heating system and your home’s temperature through a thermostat that is connected to the plumbing manifold. You can also program your thermostat to have the correct temperature of water sent to different heating zones in your home.

For example, you might want to keep your family room warmer during the evenings and your bedroom cooler at night when you sleep. This kind of control allows you to optimize your home comfort based on your personal preferences, save energy when possible and lower your monthly heating costs. Learn more about how hydronic heating works.

The benefits of hydronic heating:

Having heat radiate through your floor is the most consistent way to heat up your home. Instead of having forced air heating, blowing through a single vent in the room, the entire room is heated equally to maximize your comfort. You won’t have a hot or cold spot in the room like traditional forced air heating systems. This also means you can put your furniture wherever you like without worrying about blocking a vent.

If you have tile floors, you know how cold they can feel under your feet! Especially when you are getting out of bed on a chilly morning or stepping out of the hot shower onto a cold floor. Hydronic heating takes care of this uncomfortable problem by creating warm floors that feel cozy underneath your feet.

In most cases, one boiler can serve multiple loads. For example, your single boiler can heat radiant flooring, baseboard heating, your intermittent garage heating and your pool and spa. If properly installed by Butler Plumbing, Heating & Gas Fitting, a condensing boiler can help improve efficiency to 95 per cent or more. This is because they use a stainless steel heat exchanger and are designed to coax as much heat of out of the flue gas as possible to the point where the gases condensate.

Heating and Air Conditioning in Edmonton

Since 2005, Edmonton residents have trusted Butler Plumbing, Heating & Gasfitting to professionally install and repair their hydronic heating systems. They are extremely knowledgeable and experienced with all major brands of hydronic boilers, heating pumps, boiler controls, air eliminators, expansion tanks, mixing devices, relief valves, gauges, fill valves, and backflow preventors.

Butler Plumbing is dedicated to our customers while providing reliable, honest, high quality service. Customers can rest easy knowing the job is being done professionally, with all work done on heating and air conditioning in Edmonton guaranteed.

Interested in hydronic heating? Contact Butler Plumbing today!

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