What is whole-home surge protection?

Surge protectors are used to protect your electronics and appliances from surges in your electrical system. A surge is a sudden boost in energy flowing through the circuit that exceeds the designed capacity of connected equipment.

What causes power surges?

An electrical surge happens when something boosts the electrical charge somewhere along the line. For example, an air conditioner kicking in or dishwasher cycling can cause a burst of energy on the circuit. Sometimes a power outage or restoring an outage can cause surges. Less commonly, lightning can cause power surges.

When these things happen, they create a surge of electricity in your system. Then it can push it into directly wired and plugged-in devices. Without a surge protector, a power surge can cause damage to your electronics and appliances.

Westland Electric Ltd. in Calgary shares more about surges and what you can do to protect your devices and appliances from surge damage.

What is a surge protector?

Typical surge protectors plug into your outlets, like a power bar, that can help protect your electronics. Homeowners often use them for computer equipment or home entertainment systems. The power bar has a built-in surge protector to help protect the devices plugged into it from damaging surges.

On a larger scale, there are whole home surge protectors installed on your main electrical panel. Complete home surge protection will block or ground the high voltage flow and limit the electrical current flowing through the electrical system. Due to the fact that the most common causes for power surges occur inside your home, bi-directional whole-house surge protection is a wise investment.

Choosing a whole-house surge protection solution

Surge protection is worth the investment. If you add up the cost of replacing your electronics, appliances, and other devices, you could be out tens of thousands of dollars. Because power surges are going to happen, investing in a quality whole-home surge protector makes sense.

Westland Electric works with CLEAN-VOLT™. All surge protectors are supposed to attract energy surges and dissipate them before they can damage your devices. Unfortunately, many of the cheaper options do not reduce the energy surges enough to ensure the optimal lifespan of your electronics. Sometimes, their reaction time isn’t quick enough to dissipate the voltage to an acceptable level. In addition, most surge protectors degrade a little after each surge and make them less effective over time. Eventually, they will stop protecting your electrical system properly.

CLEAN-VOLT™ uses a specific varistor technology to handle heavy volumes of electricity and dissipate it at incredible speed. It ensures energy surges are brought down to a safe and acceptable level every time. In addition, the system will not degrade over time and can withstand years of usage. Investing in CLEAN-VOLT™ surge protection will provide an environment for all of your electrical equipment to reach the manufacturer’s intended life cycle and save you money over the long run.

Learn more about how CLEAN-VOLT surge protection works.

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