What to consider before building an infill home 

Building an infill home offers the chance to buy a mature, desirable lot and build a new, modern home. It’s a great choice when you want a custom home in a specific location, like a central well-established neighbourhood. But, along with the benefits, there are some essential things to consider first.


Neighbourhood choice

One of the key benefits of an infill home is that you get to choose what neighbourhood you want to live in. Infill homes let you select a lot and then build a custom home there. Often, an older home is on the lot, and it is demolished so builders can put in the infill. So, if you want something near to schools, within walking distance of parks, etc., you can get that. It also means that you can stay within an established area where your social group or school system is already in place. You can still upgrade your home or expand without sacrificing what’s most important to you.

Revitalize the community

Older neighbourhoods appeal to some homeowners but don’t always get that attention. Choosing infill lots and building a desirable new home shines a positive light on the area. Plus, infill housing decreases urban sprawl and allows homeowners to use existing infrastructure. Not only that, but it can help boost the value of your new lot and those around you. So, it’s a win-win not only for you (or the potential buyers who get the home) but also the community as a whole. That said, it’s always worth talking to the local community about your building plans. It avoids miscommunication and ensures mutual respect about building a new home in a respected area.

Design is crucial

One thing to keep in mind about an infill is the design and spacing of your home based on the lot. You don’t want to build a new home that towers over the rest or stands out in appearance like a sore thumb. Some neighbourhoods could have architectural guidelines to consider as well.

While the interior can feature all-new modern elements, it’s worth working with your contractor on the exterior. That doesn’t mean your home has to look outdated, but there is a way to add the right elements. That could be stone wrapping, a front porch, or specific colours to match the area.

Keep price in mind

The cost of infill is vital to budget properly because it can really vary from project to project. In some cases, the lot itself will be more expensive than a lot in a new development if it is in a sought-after location. There will also be fees for permits, inspections and other building details. Plus, the style and size of your home, plus the design and materials chosen, will all play into the cost. Your real estate agent and contractor can help plan for those costs. But, having a clear budget that includes a contingency fund, and understanding all the costs, will make for a smoother process.

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