What to consider before choosing hydronic radiant heating  

If you’re doing a major renovation and you want to upgrade your heating system, consider radiant hydronic heating. In-floor heating is a great option and it’s increasing in popularity. If you’re considering radiant heating for your renovation or new home, there are things you should consider.

Aqua Plumbing and Heating Ltd. in Edmonton are a full-service plumbing company that specializes in radiant heating. They share what you should consider about radiant heating:  

Do your floors need replacing? 

Since hydronic flooring goes underneath the floor. Consider the status of those floors. If they are old or worn, then pairing hydronic heating with new floors will be a cost-effective solution. For floors that are still in great condition, you might want to wait before installing hydronic heating. The floors will need to be torn out and replaced. This isn’t ideal if you just installed new flooring. For that reason, new construction homes or homes under renovation are a great place to add hydronic heating, since the labour will be less expensive and involved.

What kind of flooring will you have? 

If you’re going hydronic, you might want to add it throughout your home, and not just in one room. First, make sure that you have floors that will work. Carpet, for example, is less effective since it is such a natural insulator. Temperatures will need to be higher before you feel the radiant heat through the carpet, which in turn uses more energy. Hardwood flooring is similar. Although it is compatible with hydronic heating, temperatures will vary depending on its thickness. Dense hardwood is less suitable for hydronic heating, whereas thinner flooring is better suited since the heat can get through quicker.

Tile and stone, however, are classic choices that pair perfectly with in-floor heating. Any vinyl or luxury vinyl plank is also a perfect pairing with hydronic heating.

What type of installation do you need? 

With hydronic heating, there are two different types of installation methods: wet or dry. The wet installation uses concrete and embeds the system within while the concrete is still wet. Dry installations are installed below the floor and either above or below the subfloor. That method is quickly becoming the more popular option, especially when renovating an existing home. Since no new concrete needs to be added, it’s also faster and easier. 

What’s your budget? 

Hydronic flooring has a higher upfront cost, but that cost will vary depending on how much you have planned. Full-house hydronic heating, for example, will cost much more than just one or two rooms. It’s also recommendable to invest in a professional to install your new system, to ensure its quality. It’ll also help save time and extra expenses by avoiding any mistakes or repairs.

Full-house hydronic heating is a luxury option if you have the right budget. Otherwise, even just a few rooms with hydronic heating can benefit just as much. Rooms such as bathrooms, living rooms, basements, or bedrooms, are all popular choices for selecting hydronic heating. No matter your budget, a professional will work within that to ensure you get the right solution at the right price.

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Aqua Plumbing & Heating Ltd provides installation, service, and repair for plumbing and heating systems in Edmonton for residential and commercial clients. They can work on any system and specialize in radiant heating. If you’re building a new home or looking for an upgrade, connect with Aqua Plumbing and Heating.

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