What to consider when adding a second storey addition  

Home additions are a great way to add new square footage and significant value to your home. There are a variety of home addition choices, including a second-storey level. But before you add a whole new level to your home, there are a few essential things to consider first.

Basil Restoration in Vancouver is a professional home renovations company that offers large-scale remodels and home additions. They share what you should consider before you undergo a second storey home addition:

Structural requirements

A whole new level added to your home will affect more than just the design of the new space. That new level will weigh much more than your roof, so the weight and foundational support must be exact. Reinforcements will need to be added, new structural supports added or improved, and new beams installed. Again, size and calculations must be precise to ensure your new addition is safe and secure. That’s where the help of an engineer and skilled contractor comes into play. They’ll handle all the calculations and measurements and secure the required permits.

Detailed budget 

A second-storey addition requires a big budget and one that is carefully thought through beyond just the construction. The first part of the budget will focus on the labour and materials needed for that second addition. Then there’s the matter of any new plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC installation. After that comes the decorating and furnishing for the new space.

A well-planned budget will ensure that you don’t run into any money troubles along the way or have to cut essential details. Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to budget and plan everything alone when your contractor can help. They’ll know what materials are needed and the costs and plan the costs for the lighting and any other details required. It’s also important to plan a contingency budget that covers any unexpected expenses that may or may not come up. 

Think about the staircase 

You’ll need some way to reach the second level, which means thinking about the right staircase design and look. In some layouts, the staircase can work as a real feature attraction. However, if you have a smaller home with less space, maybe a spiral staircase would work better. Colour is another important factor, specifically if you want the stairs to stand out on their own or blend into the rest of the home.

The design and location of the stairs are other things to discuss with your contractor. While planning your second addition and how it will look and its layout, including the same considerations for your stairs. That will help ensure a flawless flow and connection between the existing floor and the new addition.

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