What to consider when hiring a commercial construction company

If you’re starting a new commercial construction project, you’ll need to hire the right company to help design, manage, and execute the project. Whether you’re building from the ground up or handling a tenant improvement, there are things you should look for in a contractor.

Greenstone Construction specializes in modern building projects and offers quality and value to commercial construction. Calgary business owners should consider these things before hiring a commercial contractor.

They must specialize in commercial construction

General contractors offer an extensive range of building, renovation, and construction services. However, residential and commercial construction are unique from one another. Therefore, if your Calgary construction project is for a commercial building, you need to find a company that specializes in commercial construction.

While there are some crossovers, builders handle residential and commercial projects differently. Procedures, timelines, permits, skills, trades, and building codes all have differences. A specialized contractor will have knowledge and experience in commercial renovations and construction. Additionally, they’ll have relationships with commercial subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors that will help guarantee a quality result.

They must have experience in project management

There are several moving parts in a commercial construction project. A project manager must coordinate designers, engineers, Calgary construction workers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialists, and many others. Effective communication and organized project management skills are vital to a successful project. They should have years of project management experience. In addition, they should have an excellent reputation for maintaining timelines, reducing cost overruns, and meeting client expectations.

They must have a network of trades and suppliers

Because so many people will be involved in your project, your contractor must have an established network of quality and trustworthy suppliers and sub-contractors. Ask them what companies they work with and how long they’ve worked with them.

Everyone should work as a team, and having an established relationship will help your project run more smoothly. Furthermore, you want everyone working on your project to be reputable, experienced, and certified, so every stage runs smoothly with excellent results.

Check for credentials and documentation

It might surprise you, but some ‘contractors’ operate without proper provincial licensing, liability insurance and WCB coverage. These credentials are essential to protect you and everyone on the worksite in the unfortunate event of injury or damage. It is your right to ask to see proof of these things before signing a contract.

Greenstone Construction is fully licensed and insured. In addition, they’re RenovationFind Certified, which means they’ve passed legal and financial background checks and have a business licence, insurance, and WCB coverage. So when you hire Greenstone Construction, you are hiring a commercial construction company you can trust.

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