What to Expect from Professional Landscape Design?

Whether your home is brand new, recently renovated or well-matured, having a well-laid plan for your landscaping project makes good sense. If you’re not sure what to do next or how to get started, consulting with a professional landscaper like Ever-Clear Property Services Inc. in Calgary can help you get all of those ideas into a clear plan for creating the landscape of your dreams.

What to expect when hiring a landscape designer?

Contacting the landscape designer:

Find a company that offers professional landscaping and design services. Ever-Clear Property Services Inc. is a great choice! When you contact them about starting your landscape design plan, you’ll receive a simple questionnaire via email to help you organize and trigger ideas and discussions before you meet with the landscaper.

Appointment with a landscape designer:

Before you meet with the landscaper, look at some pictures of other landscape projects online. This can help give you some ideas of what you like and don’t like while they inspect your yard. They will measure existing features like decks, sheds, trees, and your neighbour’s items.

Sometimes a landscaper will use a Real Property Report so they have all the vital information about your property including property lines, utility right of ways or to see if there are restrictive covenants listed on your property before beginning. Having this document will ensure your landscape design is compliant with building codes. It will also make sure all permits and inspections are acquired.

The base plan gets drawn:

The initial plan for your landscape design will be created including all of the things you wanted to see in your new landscape. This will allow you to see how everything will look in your outdoor space. The plan will help calculate rough quantities of materials and placement of items that will be needed during the landscape construction process.

You’ll be guided through the design process:

This is the fun part! Review your questionnaire, notes and any pictures you might have with the landscape designer. Then they will guide you through the plan showing you every aspect of your potential new design. This includes going through items like driveways, pathways, gates, fencing, sitting spaces, retaining walls, water features, decks and patios, fire pits, flower beds and more! By the end of the appointment you might even know all the types and colours of plants and flowers that will be included in your design too.

Construction gets started:

Once you have approved the landscape design plan, installation will begin. Ever-Clear Property Services will schedule your installation and take care of all the details. You won’t have to worry about materials, hiring a crew or doing any of the heavy lifting. Following a well-laid design plan for your front or backyard landscape will ensure you get the yard of your dreams. Then you can start enjoying summer.

Landscapers in Calgary

Ever-Clear Property Services offers landscaping and design to residential clients. They also offer property maintenance services, window washing and more to commercial clientele. If you are ready to design and install your dream landscape, don’t hesitate to call Ever-Clear Property Services.

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