What to expect when shopping for flooring

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Shopping for flooring can be exciting and challenging all at the same time, but where do you begin your search? To help you become better equipped to find the perfect flooring, we’ve put together some ideas on what you can expect when you’re looking for new floors.

How to Shop for Flooring 

Online: Online shopping is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world, and you can expect shopping for flooring to be no different. Many flooring websites allow you to view flooring samples online, which can help you narrow down your flooring options before you see floors in-person. Flooring retailers also allow you to see what a specific product would look like in your home by asking you to take a photo of the room where you’ll be installing the new flooring.

In-store: While online shopping is on the rise, an in-store shopping experience is still an excellent way to search for the perfect floors. You can expect to find flooring in a store to be similar to other retail experiences, where a dedicated salesperson will be there to learn more about you and your home. The benefit of the in-person shopping experience is that you’ll get to learn more about recommended products that fit your lifestyle, and you can expect to get all your questions answered in real time.

Different Types of Flooring

In today’s market, there is a wide range of both soft and hard-surface flooring options available. And within those two categories, there are also a number of flooring types, including carpet, luxury vinyl, solid and engineered hardwood, and tile.

Even though there are so many different types of flooring, you can expect that you’ll be able to narrow down your search for the perfect product based on your style, where you plan to install the flooring, your budget, your maintenance expectations, and a few other lifestyle factors.

A Wide Variety of Flooring Styles

No matter what flooring you choose, each type of flooring offers unique appearance characteristics, from a range of colours to several sizes, shapes, and more.

Carpet is available in a range of colours, shades, and fibers. When it comes to luxury vinyl, you can expect to find many designs that mimic genuine hardwood floors as well as the look of tile. If you’re shopping for genuine hardwood, you’ll find a number of stains, species, widths, and finishes. Red oak, white oak, hickory, and cherry are some of the species you can expect to find, while stains vary in colour from light to medium and dark. So much choice to fit your needs.

A Measure of Your Home

To move forward with your project, one of the next steps you can expect to take is to schedule a measure of your space. Initiating the task of measuring the area where you want to install new flooring with a flooring retailer will allow you and the retailer to determine the total and exact square footage. With the square footage, you can then get an estimate on the overall cost of your flooring project.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect carpet, luxury vinyl, hardwood, or tile, or if you’re not quite sure yet, having a better idea of what to expect before starting on your flooring journey is valuable knowledge that will help your search. No matter your style, home, or lifestyle, don’t worry; there’s a flooring solution out there for you just waiting to be found, and we’re happy to help!

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