What to Know Before Building an Infill Home

Infill homes are houses built on a lot in an already developed neighboured. The lot could be empty, or have an older home on it that needs to be demolished. Infill housing allows people to build and enjoy a new custom home, while reaping the benefits of a mature and established neighbourhood. Communities with infill homes reduce urban spraw, use existing infrastructure, and provide housing diversity in more central neighbourhoods.

Timber Wolff Designs in Calgary are experienced, reputable home builders. They offer some things to know before building an infill home. 

Choose the best location

When looking for a lot to build your infill home, it’s not only about the lot itself. Look for a neighborhood that benefits you and all your needs. Purchasing a lot in a trendy, mature neighbourhood will be a large investment, but perhaps worth it if it best matches your lifestyle. Otherwise, research up-and-coming neighbourhoods that have the location and amenities you need. 

It’s also possible to build an infill home on your current home’s lot, depending on city regulations. That way, you can keep what you love about your neighborhood. 

Check with your city’s regulations

Some cities have certain regulations that come with building an infill home in your desired neighborhood. In Calgary, for example, you’ll need a specific development permit in order to build on the lot. Some architectural designs are not permissible in certain neighbourhoods or may require additional permits. These include things like multiple stories, duplexes, balconies, and other home features.

Some of these permits take time to acquire, anywhere from one month to six months depending on what you’re looking for. Contractors are able to work with you to get the proper permits from the city and make sure everything is up to code when building your infill home. 

Take into account the surrounding homes

Once you’ve chosen the lot and gotten your permits, it’s time to design! When choosing the design for your infill home, it’s okay to exercise certain creative liberties. But it’s also important to consider the surrounding homes. Depending on the style you choose, you don’t want your home to stick out too much in the neighborhood, or a home that towers over the rest. This may affect your home’s resale value down the road and could take away from your new neighbourhood’s charm. Timber Wolff Designs can help you create the home of your dreams, and make sure it complies with the rest of the neighborhood. 

Infill Home Builders in Calgary

Timber Wolff Designs Inc. is a general contracting company that manages residential and light commercial construction projects. Their projects range from new home construction, complete home remodeling, restructuring, and everything in between. They can make your dream home a reality. 

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