What to look for in a deck contractor

Building a deck is a great way to add space and value and increase your enjoyment of your property. Having the work done by a professional will ensure safety, quality, and value for years to come. Finding the right contractor will ensure it’s built correctly, safely, and to your specific needs.

RKCR General Contracting in Winnipeg offers a professional deck building. They share more about what to look for in a qualified contractor:


Always hire an insured contractor to avoid any unwanted legal troubles. A qualified contractor should have liability insurance and workman compensation insurance. If anything goes wrong on the job, that insurance will cover the cost and protect you as the homeowner. It’ll also ensure that your contractor knows all the laws, regulations, and permits surrounding building a new deck. Legitimate contractors will always be able to provide proof of these credentials.


An experienced deck contractor is a must, no matter how big or small your planned deck is. Experienced contractors will ensure your deck is sturdy, built to code, and complements your backyard design. That experience will also translate to deck design and recommended materials and techniques. They’ll take your ideas and goals and blend that with the best building approach for your new addition.

Range of materials

Just like a widely experienced contractor is best, look for a contractor that offers different deck materials. The versatility in options will make it easier when deciding the best look, style, and cost for your budget. Different decking materials also offer a unique look, benefit, or reason that better fits your needs. For example, you might choose composite decking for the low maintenance requirements if that is important to you. Other extras include privacy screens, deck covers, or stairs leading down to a lower level. Not all decks are a one-style-fits-all, so a diverse contractor will ensure you get that custom deck.


Good communication is crucial when looking for a contractor, especially when building something new. Communicating with your contractor starts when you hire them and discuss design plans and goals. Not only should they listen to your needs, but listening to them in turn as they give professional advice is just as key. Once the work begins, it’s still important to have that open communication. Who will provide updates during the job? If you have questions or concerns, who do you ask? Establishing those contacts will make the project much easier and stress-free.

Deck Builders in Winnipeg

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