What to look for in a metal roofing contractor

Choosing a metal roof for your home and buildings means that you won’t have to replace it anytime soon, if ever. Depending on the type of metal, it can easily last upwards of 50 years or many more. With a lifespan that long, finding the right contractor for the initial installation, and one you can trust, is important.

Xtreme Roofing in Vancouver is a professional and skilled roofing company. They share more about how to choose a metal roofing contractor, and why they’re a smart choice:

Customizable options

Not one type of metal roof is perfect for every home and every roofing situation. Finding a company with different options, whether roof styles or the right solution to your needs, is important. Xtreme Roofing provides both those services with their customizable metal roofing. Their free quoting service will help narrow down what type of metal roofing you need, how much it will cost, and any extra benefits. Option wise, they offer snaplock roofing and standing-seam and in a range of colours. They also offer snow guards, which help prevent snow buildup or gutter damage.

Proven experience track record 

Metal roofing requires the right skill, tools, and knowledge to ensure that it lasts for years. Suppose the unexpected happens and damage from a storm or weather does occur. In that case, that same skill applies to a qualified repair.

Besides reading a company’s website, the best way to check their track record is to read customer reviews. Past customers will leave reviews of the quality of work and how the contractors acted on the job. Very satisfied customers may leave comments about specific details or extra steps that let you know you’ve chosen the right company. You should also ask for references, so you can connect with previous customers directly for more information.

Licensed and certified 

Any roofing contractor should always be fully licensed and insured before being considered for the job. Licensing is a homeowner’s guarantee that the roofer knows the industry and their trade. Business insurance ensures that you won’t be liable for damage or injury. A licensed roofer will provide a written contract covering the entire project, like what will be bought, the timeline, and any other details. That again protects against unexpected bills or your roofer running off.

Xtreme Roofing is fully certified, licensed, and insured with WCB. Not only that, but their company has certifications and recognition proving their skill in shingle quality, technology, and as employers. They have the reputation of being among the best roofing contractors in North Vancouver.

Metal Roofing in Vancouver 

Xtreme Roofing prides itself on being a voice of authority and expertise when it comes to roofing. They offer both residential and commercial services, from metal roofing, shingles, and flat roofs to gutters and more. As a fully trained, certified, and trustworthy company, you can count on them for your roofing needs. 

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