What to look for in metal roofing in Edmonton

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Whether you are looking to get a residential or commercial roof installed, deciding on the roof types can be a minefield. There are many advantages to installing metal roofs over widely used asphalt shingles. Generally, metal roofs last much longer, whilst providing better protection from fire, hail, and wind. Learn more from our previous blog post about the Advantages of Metal Roofing Systems.

What metal materials are available for your roof?

There are a variety of metal roofs available on the market offered in different types of metal and profiles. Most of them provide durability and reliability homeowners and business owners are looking to get from a metal roof. Let’s look at different metals used in metal roofing industry.


The timeless look of a copper roof is complemented by its longevity and durability. Its resistance to rust and corrosion will make it a truly maintenance-free roof with no need to reapply coatings or repaint it after installation. Being one of the softest metals used in the roofing industry it is excellent for muffling noise, notably rain and hail. However, because it is soft and malleable, it is also prone to dents and can expand with temperature changes. Very high cost of copper roofs is probably one of the main deterrents for buyers to look at other options.


Zinc is again very malleable, extremely durable, and 100% recyclable. This is an excellent energy-saving material. However, if untreated, the metal can discolour and produce a milky residue. Due to being a soft metal, it is prone to dents.


Aluminum is a lightweight material and allows for creativity in design, as a result.

It is particularly recommended as a metal roofing option if you live by the coast as the material is highly resistant to corrosion which is caused by moisture and sea salt.


Steel is probably the go-to material when choosing a metal roof. It is extremely strong and highly recommended for houses in high wind, hail and hurricane areas. Steel is eco-friendly, as it is one of the most recycled materials in the world.

It is fire-resistant and reflects heat, which makes it extremely popular with hot and cold climate areas. Galvanizing steel will prevent it from rust and corrosion for many decades.

AMT Roofing offers installation of metal roofs in Edmonton, such as metal tiles, standing seam and metal panels

Metal Tiles

If you are looking to boost curb appeal of your house with a new roof then metal tiles will be an ideal choice. While having the look of clay tiles, our metal tiles weigh far less, which means you do not need to reinforce your house structure to support greater weight!  Metal tiles are ideal to cope with the harsh Canadian winters and can also help reduce your energy bills. Being metal, our tiles have an advantage in terms of fire, wind and hail resistance.

At AMT Roofing, we are the Edmonton area specialists for metal roofing projects. We have been working with metal tiles for many years and have vast experience in ensuring your roof is professionally installed.

Standing Seam

Standing seam roof panels are becoming more popular in residential houses due to the sleek modern look and its superior handling of extreme weather. This metal panels system has concealed fasteners and vertical raised seams with flat area in-between them. It is often used in commercial buildings and uses snap or mechanical locks. Standing seam can be used for low pitch roofs (under 2:12), so let AMT Roofing advise you when you are looking for your next roofing project.

Metal Panels

Used predominantly on industrial and agricultural buildings, metal panels can be a low-cost alternative to metal tiles or standing seam systems. They are lightweight and provide good weather protection properties.

For any metal roofing needs in the Edmonton area, call AMT Roofing the real experts for a no-nonsense, expert quotation.


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