What to look for when hiring an electrician

There are many reasons why you should leave electrical work to professionals. Poor wiring can cause burns, fires, electric shocks and are a huge hazard for your home and family. You should always hire an electrician with the proper knowledge, experience, and certifications. Here are a few things to look for when hiring an electrician.

Pax Electrical Installation Ltd. in Edmonton specializes in commercial and residential electrical installations. Their professional and friendly staff get your project done right and done fast.

Experienced and knowledgeable

An experienced and knowledgeable electrician is an expert in safe electrical installation. They deliver the highest quality result in a time-efficient manner. Ultimately, when you hire a qualified electrician, you benefit from their experience. At Pax Electrical, electricians draw from past experience to offer suggestions and recommend new products. Because of their industry knowledge, you get the most out of your new electrical installation.

Good communication

Good communication is essential for any happy relationship, including the one between you and your electrician! But, of course, you never want to be surprised by a misquote or left out to dry because no one showed up.

When you work with Pax Electrical, you can rest assured that there will be open lines of communication throughout the project. Their collaborative approach to decision-making means that your opinions are heard and valued. Furthermore, Pax Electrical calls you if ever they are going to be late or require a date change. They also offer advice over the phone to save you time and money.

Excellent customer service requires going above and beyond. Not only should your electrician be transparent about any changes, but they should be there for you from start to finish.


Your electrician should do things by the book. This means up-to-date certification! They must have valid First Aid, Fall Arrest, and Aerial Work Platform certificates. Additionally, the electrician you hire should have their Masters’s Certificate. Any contractor you hire to work in your home should also have a valid business license, liability insurance, and WCB coverage. When you work with Pax Electrical, you know that this will always be the case.

Professional electricians should always follow the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) and acquire the necessary electrical permits for your project. CEC compliance is something you can be sure of when you hire Pax Electrical Services.

Stellar service

What equals stellar service? Cleaning up after a day’s work. Clear and concise quotes. Keeping you in the loop through the project. Dressing in a professional and presentable way. Resolving problems efficiently and effectively. You can count on these things, and more, from Pax Electrical.

Electricians in Edmonton

Pax Electrical Installations is a family-owned business servicing Edmonton and the surrounding areas. They deliver excellent customer service throughout the entire project and pride themselves on creating repeat customers. With Pax Electrical, you know that your project will be done right, done fast, and done safely.

Contact Pax Electrical Installations for your next commercial or residential project!

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