What type of window is best for my home?

With so many options out there, choosing a new window for your home can feel daunting. Some window styles are better for security or efficiency; others match your home’s design style, so where do you start? Researching window types is a great starting point. GreenFox Windows and Doors in Edmonton share information about different types of windows:

Double-hung and single-hung

These are some of the most common window styles and functions on a sliding sash that opens the upper and lower pane. The style is ideal when it comes to air circulation and flow throughout a home. It’s also easy to clean and seal tightly, keeping out cold air or outdoor elements. Single-hung windows in Edmonton are similar, except only the bottom sash can open and close. All around, with style, efficiency, and an average price range, these windows are a great and safe option for any home.

Awning windows

Awning windows have hinges on the top of the frame, so the window opens vertically from the bottom at an angle. Weather-wise, these are a great option to still get fresh air even when it’s raining. They are also very airtight and easy to open or close. On lower floors, the open window can cause an obstruction or risk being damaged if left open so you’ll have to be careful. Cost-wise, these are less expensive than double- or single-hung, which makes them a great budget option from a window company in Edmonton. 

Casement windows

Casement or crank windows in Edmonton are another very popular style of window. These windows swing open diagonally on a hinge via a crank. Thanks to the angle of the window, they are ideal for catching fresh air and directing it inside. Because they are cranked shut, they provide an excellent seal and are a highly efficient choice. Visually, it’s important to make sure the window matches the design of your home and doesn’t obstruct surrounding windows. Security and cost-wise, these are a smart choice and very energy efficient when sealed.

Fixed windows

A fixed window doesn’t open but is often paired in a room with a window that does open. Fixed or picture windows act as a decorative addition to your home. The window can be customized with appealing designs or even stained colours or used to maximize lighting in your home. They are also a great choice for privacy, like on a front door or as a frosted window in a bathroom. Choosing custom shapes and designs for the window itself is another popular choice that can add curb appeal.

Bow and bay windows

These windows add both visual interest to your home and functional design benefits. While visually similar, a bay window has three window frames that are attached at an angle. A bow window has four or five window frames that are connected in a gentle curve. Both styles welcome lots of natural lighting. They can also be converted into a window seat or shelf and can make a room feel larger.

Outwardly, it’s easy to customize the window types included in a bow window. For example, you can blend fixed windows in the centre then use casement, double- or single-hung windows on the exterior to also have airflow. For more ideas, connect with a professional window and door company in Edmonton.

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