What you need to know about vinyl decking

If you’re a homeowner who wants their outdoor space to look great without a lot of maintenance, vinyl decking is for you. Chephren Building Solutions in Edmonton is an experienced deck builder that offers waterproofing and Duradek products. They share details on vinyl decking so you can make the best choice for your home.

What is vinyl decking?

Vinyl decking is a low-maintenance waterproof protective membrane that goes over decks and flat roofs. It’s an exterior flooring material that allows easier maintenance and cleaning when applied over plywood or a roof deck surface. Typically, vinyl decking is a combination of layers of specific materials which form the protective membrane. Constructed from either hollow or solid pieces of PVC, vinyl decks can even be made to resemble natural wood. A wide range of visual options allows you to choose a specific look for your deck, customizing your outdoor space to make it your own.

Does it last long?

Vinyl decking is durable and incredibly long-lasting and comes with warranties to give you peace of mind. Duradek offers a five-to-15-year warranty on the product. They even go one step further to give you a one to five-year warranty on the vinyl’s appearance. Because the membrane is one piece, repairs are essential if there is unforeseen damage. If your vinyl decking needs repair, Chephren Building Solutions can offer a range of repair options and can have your deck looking great again in no time.

Can I paint it?

Cephren Building Solutions has one of the best selections of colours and patterns for deck coverings, so you don’t have to paint it! You can get the look and style you want right from installation. Unlike a wood deck, your vinyl deck will not need paint or stain over the years to keep it looking great. Skip the maintenance and go straight to enjoying your deck or balcony.

How do I clean it?

One of the great benefits of vinyl decking is that it’s incredibly low maintenance. You can easily sweep off leaves or debris. You can give it a quick clean with the garden hose to remove any dirt in the spring and fall. To avoid the membrane getting stained, it’s a good idea to do spot cleans if something like wine or barbeque sauce spills on the deck. As mentioned, there’s no need to refinish or stain the deck, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Deck Builders in Edmonton

Chephren Building Solutions has the reputation of being one of the Edmonton area’s premier deck builders and has been in business for more than 20 years. They bring high-quality solutions to homeowners looking for attractive, low-maintenance options. So get ready to enjoy your outdoor space with a vinyl deck from Chephren Building Solutions.

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