What you should consider before buying new windows and doors

When you choose new windows and doors for your home, there’s a lot more to consider than just aesthetics. Bigger details such as energy efficiency or warranties are just as important as choosing a style. Supreme Windows in Calgary are a family-owned and operated windows and doors company. They share some important considerations before you buy new windows and doors:


Having a budget will always play a key role when it comes to replacing or updating parts of your home. With windows and doors, in particular, the wide range of choices also means a wide range of expenses. Not only is there the expense of different materials, styles, and brands, but the installation as well. If you are replacing old windows and doors with the same style, there is just labour and purchase expenses. If you are upgrading to a new window style, though, it may mean investing extra to resize the space for the new window.

Some windows are more expensive than others, depending on their design. For example, triple-pane windows are more than double-pane. A slider window is less expensive than a bow window. If your budget is tight, consider replacing a few windows this year, and the rest next year. Start by replacing the windows in your home that are causing the most energy loss.


Window materials will play a key role in insulation, resistance to the elements and help keep your home’s temperatures regulated. For windows, vinyl is quickly becoming the most popular choice. It’s low maintenance, very durable and highly energy-efficient. It also a very environmentally friendly choice because vinyl will both last for a longer time and is recyclable.

In addition to providing the same protection that windows do, doors also provide security and add curb appeal. In this sense, both fibreglass and steel are two popular materials for doors. Fibreglass comes in a range of different styles and colours, so it can easily be customized to boost curb appeal. Steel provides an appealing smooth appearance. It is also a very protective choice, as the material is much harder to break.

Energy-efficiency and style

Both energy-efficiency and style will go hand-in-hand with windows and doors. For better energy ratings on windows, you can add dual or triple-panes, window film or choose a multi-chamber frame. That way, hot and cold air transfer or how much heat from the sun enters your home, will all be optimized. For doors, both fibreglass and steel are naturally energy-efficient. They are both inherently great at insulating, meaning heat loss is minimal. Adding weather stripping as well can help prevent drafts and increase efficiency.

Choosing the right style, especially with windows, will also play a role in your home’s energy-efficiency. Casement and double-hung windows, for example, are very efficient thanks to their design. They both maximize airflow into your home but still also limit the amount of heat lost.

The style will also play a role in overall curb appeal and architectural design. If you have a Cape Cod home, for example, then double-hung windows are typically the best look. On the other hand, Tudor homes work well with a mix of casement and picture windows. Even once you’ve found the right energy-efficient choice, it’s important the style also matches. Read more about choosing the right window style for your home!

Windows in Calgary

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