What you should look for when hiring cleaning services in Edmonton

Hiring a professional cleaning service has many benefits. Whether it’s for your home, business or for after a renovation, an experienced cleaning company will give spotless results – at no hassle to you. But how do you know which cleaning service to hire? Who’s the best? Here are some questions to ask when looking for the best cleaning service from Duty Cleaners in Edmonton.

Does the company have great reviews?

Positive reviews are one of the first things to check for. Reading the reviews will give you a broad idea of how the company operates. Not only that, but people will often say which part they liked the most from the company. That way, you know what to expect. A company with many negative reviews may be worth avoiding. It shows that they left customers unsatisfied with their work, and you may be more likely to experience problems.

Another way to get an honest review is to check a third-party service, such as RenovationFind. If a company is seeking membership or certification from a third-party, it usually means they’re serious about maintaining a good reputation with quality work and excellent customer service.

Do they offer online booking?

Online booking is more than a perk: It’s a convenient way to make appointments quickly. A company that may not have online booking may be more difficult to get a hold of. Their hours may vary, or you may be left on hold, making it more challenging to get in. With Duty Cleaners’ online booking system, you fill out a simple form that includes letting them know what services you require. You’ll see their flat-rate pricing and your service will be booked in a matter of minutes.

Are they locally owned?

A locally owned business has many benefits. In many cases, you’ll get a personal, friendly experience because the company working for you is a member of the community. It also means their staff are carefully vetted, trained and hired in-house. Customer service is more likely to be a priority because local businesses often work to improve their community, and they care about their reputation among their local area. Plus, if there is a concern, you know that your call is going to a locally owned business in your community – not a head office of a big chain in another province.

Do they have the proper business license and insurance?

For any business to operate, they need proper licensing and insurance. Clients are allowed to ask these kinds of questions and should feel welcome to do so. Check to see if their licensing and insurance are up to date; doing this will further ensure that they are a reliable company to work with. Checking for proper insurance also means you are covered if there is an accident in, or damage to, your home that is related to the cleaning service.

Renovation Cleaning in Edmonton

Duty Cleaners is a dedicated company. Their utmost priority is customer service. All staff go through extensive background checks and are friendly, easy-to-talk-to professionals you’ll feel comfortable having in your home or business. They communicate with their clients through every step of the way. Not only that, but they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with their work.

If you’re interested in quality cleaning services, contact Duty Cleaners today!

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