When do you need a custom closet?

Whether you have a built-in closet in the bedroom or wardrobe storage for another room, every room has a closet. But when it comes to maximizing that space and staying functional and organized, how well does that standard closet live up? Custom closets offer custom solutions that can’t be replicated with regular storage.

Calgary Custom Closets in Calgary provides high-quality and space-saving custom closet and storage solutions. They share when you need a custom closet and why it’s so beneficial:

Your current closet has no order

Yes, you could go through your closet, pull out everything, and reorganize things, but is there enough space? Are all your shirts crammed into one drawer, or are your formal clothes taking up all the rack space? What about ties or jewelry or shoes? Having to store them outside the closet just takes up additional room space. With a custom closet, there is no clutter or wasted space. You can design the closet with racks just for formal clothing, small drawers for accessories, and raised slots for shoes or purses. Everything will be perfectly organized, and visually, it’ll look neat, controlled, and easier to use.

Your current closet is taking up space

Getting a bigger closet to accommodate your clothes or trying to fit everything into a small closet isn’t a solution. Your closet should work within your bedroom or any room space without being a dominating feature. Custom closets are all about maximizing the space you do have with unique storage systems. Slat wall systems, corner storage, or multiple hanging areas condense the storage space without cramping anything. You can still organize and compartmentalize your clothing without ever having a mess again.

Your keep buying new closets

With kids especially, their closet needs will change as they grow. Constantly replacing the closet or the parts inside to accommodate new needs is an unnecessary cost. Instead, a one-time purchase of a custom closet is a lifetime solution. The closets can have adjustable shelving and hanging areas that can change as your kids grow taller and older. Kids’ closets can also be integrated with desks or extra storage for their bulkier winter clothing. The custom aspect of the closets means that you can always adjust the closet to fit any needs at any stage.

You need some professional input

Closets can be placed in a room and used as is, but there might also be a more optimal way to use the space. Part of the custom closet experience is working with a professional who knows their way around storage solutions. Everything from measuring the closet to optimizing the function and look will be done with professional input. Even deciding whether a reach-in or walk-in closet is the best solution for your home and space will be guided by some professional advice. 

Closet and Storage Solutions in Calgary

Calgary Custom Closets is committed to providing exceptional quality storage solutions to all its customers. Your custom closet solutions will make your home more functional, and neater, and can improve marketability when it comes time to sell. Whether you need consultation, installation, affordable solutions or a storage makeover, their team can help.

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