When does an odd job become a renovation?

How often do you find yourself touching up the walls, sealing cracks in the tiles, or repairing a leak? When odd jobs like these keep recurring, it can be an excellent time to consider a renovation. Even small renovations can have significant impacts, like a fresh coat of paint or replacing plumbing fixtures.

Jensen Contracting Co. is a professional general contracting company serving Ottawa and surrounding areas. Here they share when recurring repairs could mean it’s time for a renovation.

Weatherstripping or efficient upgrades

As winter and fall roll around again, are you noticing your home feels draftier and colder? Maybe it’s even on your cold-season job list to add weatherstripping to the windows and doors. But this year, look into the benefits of updating those windows or doors instead of a temporary solution. Not only can a new look add appealing new value to your home, but it also dramatically boosts energy efficiency. For example, triple pane windows can the cold out and the warmth in, and new doors add better safety and weather protection.

Leaky taps or better plumbing

Are your taps constantly leaking, or are the sinks and toilets continually clogged? It’s annoying at best but also costly at worse with repeated incidents. Instead of seeing it as an odd job that needs repair now and again, take the opportunity to upgrade your plumbing. New fixtures can offer better water control, low flow features for less water cost, and boost flush efficiency in the toilets. You can also take the chance to select visually appealing options like a swan neck faucet or a striking bronze shower head.

Dirty tiles or upgraded design

Is the grout between your tiles looking dirty or faded, or is it falling out? Don’t add that to your spring-cleaning checklist as a yearly problem. Instead, call your general contractor to discuss upgrade options, new grout colours, and even new tile designs. Fresh backsplash in the kitchen can add a welcome pop of colour and protect your walls. A tiled shower floor or wall in the bathroom quickly transforms it into a focal point that adds style and function.

Patching walls or a fresh update

Did your walls suffer from water damage in the past? Or maybe there are dents and scrapes from furniture, kids, or pets. Whatever the cause behind your aged-looking walls, don’t try to cover it up. While you don’t necessarily have to tear down the walls and install new drywall, a refresh is worthwhile.

Paint renovations can just as easily be handled by a general contractor and do wonders to update your home. Pick a new colour to add brightness, create a calming feel, or a sense of welcomeness and excitement. There’s plenty you can do with colours, so rather than patching up an old look, seize the chance for something better.

General Contractors in Ottawa

Your vision of your home is what Jensen Contracting Co. strives to provide for each project. They work closely with their customers to design and build dream results, whether big or small. From full-scale renovations to building a deck and more, their team offers it all.

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