When is it time to renovate?

Home renovations can help your home maintain its value. In most cases, a home renovation will increase property value while adding function and even enjoyment to your home. When is the last time you invested on a home upgrade or improvement project?

Creekside Building Solutions in Calgary shares some signs it might be time to renovate:

Your house is out of date.

If you feel like they’re going back in time every time you come home, it’s probably time for a home renovation. Even heritage homes or character homes can be upgraded without losing their charm or sentimental value. Creekside Building Solutions can help create an updated design plan that will improve the aesthetics of your home and give it that needed style upgrade.

Things are falling apart.

If you’ve noticed your baseboards look beaten up, fixtures are constantly needing repair, or your windows need replacing – it’s time for a home renovation. Components of your home might have a long lifespan, but they cannot last forever. Investing in things like new baseboards and paint, windows and doors, a new roof, faucets and fixtures can go a long way.

If you’ve found cracks or damage to structural components of your home, you must have them repaired immediately. This includes large cracks in the foundation or walls, major electrical or plumbing issues and leaks that are letting water and moisture in. Neglecting these problems can cause more costly repairs and are hazardous to your health and safety.

Your energy bills are sky high.

Home renovations can improve energy efficiency in your home. Energy efficient upgrades include:

– Attic insulation upgrade
– Replacing old appliances with energy efficient models (look for the ENERGY STAR label)
– New windows and doors
– New light fixtures and swapping old bulbs with LEDS

If energy efficiency is important to you, talk to Creekside Building Solutions about products that will make your home more efficient.

You have the money.

Home renovations can be expensive, but they do have a good return on investment. If you have the funds, consider investing it into your home. Treat yourself to the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted, put in that second bathroom or give your home an exterior face-lift. If you’re ready to renovate, Creekside Building Solutions can help.

General Contractors in Calgary

Creekside Building Solutions is a general contracting company located in Calgary, Alberta. They offer a range of construction, building and renovation services. If you want to embark on a residential construction project, contact Creekside Building Solutions today!


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