When is it time to replace your driveway?

A concrete driveway could last for years if installed correctly. In Calgary, we have many freeze and thaw cycles each winter. This kind of weather can be hard on a concrete driveway causing it to damage sooner than in a warmer climate. If you think it might be time for a concrete driveway replacement, contact concrete contractors in Calgary to give you a quote on repairs or a replacement.

Bow River Concrete in Calgary shares some signs that it’s time for a new driveway:

Cracks that look like spiderwebs

If you have multiple cracks interconnected like a giant spider’s web, it’s likely time for a concrete driveway replacement. Those cracks are beyond repair and will continue to spread the longer you leave them. Sometimes, the damage will look like scales on the driveway instead of cracks. If so, get a quote for a replacement.

It doesn’t drain properly

If you see that your driveway isn’t graded correctly, it could be bringing water towards the home. Without proper drainage, that water will pool and can eventually leak into your basement. Water damage is an expensive problem. Address this problem soon to avoid it!

There are many potholes

If you have multiple, deep potholes in the driveway, it might be beyond repair. Water can pool in the holes and lead to more damage. If you have one or two potholes, you could get away with concrete repairs instead of a full replacement.

Do not confuse potholes with sunken concrete. If slabs of your driveway, walkway, or steps are sunken, consider restoring them with concrete lifting. Choosing between repairs and a replacement, in this case, is something a Calgary concrete contractor can help you determine.

The driveway is more than 20 years old

The lifespan of a driveway in a colder climate is about 20 years. If your driveway is looking worse for wear, needs multiple repairs, and is decades old, then it is worth getting replaced.

It’s diminishing curb appeal

A cracked and damaged driveway can make the home’s exterior appearance look shabby. A new driveway can drastically improve curb appeal, and that will boost your home’s resale value. If selling your home is in your plans, it will be a good investment. It will also make clearing snow in the winter easier without your shovel getting stuck in pesty cracks. Your home’s exterior will look better, add value, and you’ll enjoy it more too.

Bow River Concrete offers a full range of concrete services for residential, commercial, and industrial clientele. If you’re not sure about the state of your concrete driveway, give them a call. They can tell you if your damaged driveway is worth repairing or if a concrete replacement is the best option.

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