When is the best time to build a new fence?

Fences are a multi-beneficial addition that you can add to your property. They provide privacy, security, protection against the elements, visual appeal, and boost value. The season you decide to build, type of fencing, and professional demand for help all come into consideration. 

First Class Fencing in Calgary is a professional fencing building company. They share more about when is the best time to build a new fence with their professional help:

The season

Building based on a seasonal factor means knowing what type of climate is typical where you live. Spring, for example, is a great time to build a fence but not too early. Still thawing soil can be mushy and uneven and cause stability problems with the fence posts. If you do choose the spring, make sure to wait until the warm months have really settled in before you build.

Fall is another good time to build your fence, but don’t wait too late and be stopped by the frozen ground. Keep in mind that as water in the soil freezes, it expands the soil, making newly installed fence posts crooked. Before you build, talk to a professional about when in the season is the ideal time.

Keep in mind that spring and summer are the busiest times for fencing contractors in Calgary. If you plan on building a fence this season, it is best if you book your project right away. Otherwise, consider the fall for your fence building project. You should also consider that building your fence outside of peak season will mean the project can be done faster, which means more enjoyment for you.

The material

The fencing material is another important element to factor into your building schedule. Durable materials like vinyl or chain link aren’t really restricted by weather since they are less impacted compared to wood, but the ground still needs to be thawed for installation if you’re digging posts.

Wood fences can be installed year-round, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. Some argue that excess heat and dry air from summer can quickly dry out and damage a wood fence if the newly cut lumber hasn’t dried out properly. This is something First Class Fencing can advise you on. Check out these stylish wood fence ideas to spark inspiration. 

The timeline

Have you considered how long it will take to build the fence and your own fence goals? If you want a privacy fence ready to be enjoyed during the backyard summer months, start planning now. Most companies can ensure the project timeline, but there are things to keep in mind. The size of your yard, the complexity of the fence, and the ground conditions can all increase the work timeline. A large yard and complicated fence design will both take more time to complete. Ground conditions can cause unexpected delays from hidden boulders or tree roots. It’s better to start early and enjoy your fence on time instead of missing out on those sunny months. 

Fencing Contractor in Calgary

First Class Fencing offers a range of quality materials, styles, and professional services to provide exactly what you want. They offer options for commercial, residential, and agricultural fencing needs. Every project and property are given their own unique care to ensure a perfect custom solution for every need. With their professional fence building services, your new fence will be a long-term and long-lasting investment. 

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