When is the best time to replace windows?

When you have your windows replaced, the window openings will be uncovered for some time while the installers work. It’s the best idea to have them replaced during warm weather, in the spring or summer. That means the best time to replace your windows is now!

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You’ll be more comfortable during installation.

Window installers will work in colder weather if they must, but that’s not really the best scenario. With the old windows out of the wall, your home will be completely exposed to the elements. If it’s late fall or winter, that cold air will be blasting into the house during installation. You will have to crank the heat, but even so, the house will be very uncomfortable.

Window installation goes more smoothly in warm weather.

It is easier to install windows when it’s warmer. The window itself is easier and more comfortable to work with. Caulking will adhere better in warm weather. When applied in freezing temperatures, caulking can become too thick and will not come out of the caulking gun as smoothly. For an even seal, you’ll want better weather. Learn how to recaulk windows.

The warmer weather is better for the window.

Some materials, like vinyl window frames, will contract in cold weather and expand in warm weather. If you have them installed and sealed when the temperature is cold, the window itself could contract after installation. That can cause the caulking and seal to crack and even damage to your new window. The sealant won’t cure properly in extreme heat either, which is why a spring or early summer window replacement is best.

What to do if you need new windows in colder weather?

Sometimes we can’t wait for the warmer weather. Maybe your current windows are damaged and leaky, or you want a replacement to help sell your home. Whatever the case, there are some things you can do if you must replace the windows in cold weather.

Try to choose a sunny day, if possible. The window installers can come in the mid-morning, after the morning chill has lifted. This will give the materials a chance to expand in the sunshine before they’re installed. You can also ask for a silicone caulking. This type of caulking will stick to the window better that latex or acrylic in cold weather.

They can also work on one window at a time, to keep your house from freezing up during installation. Ask if you can set up a tarp barrier over larger openings, like a bay or bow window, if they’re going to be open for a while. Keep warm with space heaters until the house is sealed up again!

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