When should I bring paint during a renovation?

If you’re coordinating a home remodel, managing and scheduling trades will be part of the job. Painting is an essential part of your home renovation, and for the best results, timing is critical.

JCSB Painting in Calgary offers residential and commercial interior and exterior painting services. They share when the best time is to paint during a home remodel:

Contractors have completed most of the major work

JCSB Painting recommends that you paint your home after the main structural work is complete. That includes the installation of electrical, plumbing, drywall, trim, and major finishes. In addition, if you’re replacing the flooring, you’ll want to wait until you remove any old flooring or carpet before painting.

The reason for this is that painting too early can risk damage to your walls. While your construction contractors and trades will be careful in your home, accidents can still happen. Materials and tools will be moving in and out of rooms, and they could scratch or bump into your freshly painted walls and trim.

In addition, other parts of the renovation can be messy. You don’t want debris and dust flying around while the painters do their job. It can get in the paint and cause issues. For great results, it’s best to wait until near the end of the renovation.

Paint before installing new flooring

Some homeowners prefer to paint before the new floors go in. Painting prior to floor installation makes it easier to avoid dripping paint on the new floor and less prep for the painter. Plus, the floors are usually one of the last things to go in the house, so the ongoing construction project doesn’t damage them. You’ll also want to wait until the new baseboards and trim are in, so the painter can tackle everything in the process.

The choice is yours, but the professionals at JCSB Painting will always ensure your floors, furniture, and anything else in the home are completely protected during your interior painting project. If you’ve already installed the floors, but need a recoat, they can do that too.

Trust the professionals

Painting is considered an expected DIY home improvement, but there are several benefits to hiring a professional painting company like JCSB. Professional painters will know what paint and supplies will give the best finish. They have experience, skills, and can produce flawless results efficiently and effectively.

Painters can also assist you with colour selection. They’ll work with you to ensure your final paint job puts the perfect finishing touch on your home remodel.

Painters in Calgary

Superior quality has been the number one focus for JCSB Painting since they started the business. They specialize in interior and exterior painting for residential homes and commercial buildings and they deliver top-of-the-line finishes and lasting results for every client. If you’re renovating or ready for a change, hire the friendly and professional team at JCSB Painting.

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