When should you replace your windows?

If your windows are old, you may be feeling it, and, chances are, your budget may be feeling it too. Old windows can have more air and water leaks, which is common in older styles. These leaks will let heat out in the winter and force your air-conditioning to work harder in the summer. These are just a few reasons your windows may work against you instead of for you.

Norden Seal Windows in Winnipeg builds windows with the most innovative technology. Here they walk you through why it may be time to consider window replacements for your property.

Getting up there?

As we already mentioned, the age of your windows is one of the biggest tell-tales that it’s time for new ones. Good quality windows should last about twenty years, on average. If you’re past this mark, you may notice some changes. For example, a home that feels chilly even with the heat on. Windows in Winnipeg go through harsh winters, and losing heat is something nobody wants. Condensation inside the glass is a sign seals may be broken. On top of losing heat, broken seals will cause water damage to trim and walls. They can also cause wood frames to rot.

Get in touch with Norden Seal Windows today, and they can help determine what windows may need replacing and offer a comprehensive plan to get the job done! Their windows also come with a 25-year non-prorated and fully transferable warranty to drive up longevity!

Rising energy costs

Broken seals and warped frames that make it difficult to open and close your windows don’t just mean a cold house. Chances are, it means your energy bills are rising too. However, there have also been many advances in window technology over the years. Regardless of the age of your windows, investing in newer, more efficient ones will turn into energy savings.

Norden Seal Windows is a window company in Winnipeg that uses Super Spacer Bar. This new technology offers an elevated window performance that will reduce your energy bills! In addition, their 25-year warranty on Insulated Sealed Units will give you peace of mind.

Increased value

If you’re considering selling your home in the future, replacing your windows will increase your resale value. New windows are often at the top of the list for home buyers. While it’s true that the cost of windows in Winnipeg may be higher than some other home renovations, window replacement has a great ROI, especially when you consider the energy savings over time.

And even if you’re not planning to sell your home soon, or ever, new windows will still bring in a lot of value. For example, better functionality and operation translate into no more hassle trying to open (or close!) faulty windows. As well, damaged windows can be a cause for safety concerns. Lastly, don’t forget how new windows can open up any space in your home and let in the light!

Norden Seal Windows understands how important affordability is when it comes to window replacement. That’s why they offer financing with 0% down for an entire year.

Contact Norden Seal Windows today for a free estimate!



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